cant connect to CIT server HELP!!

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i downloaded MTA yesterday and joined server :CIT Cops 'n' Robbers, Gang Wars, Civilians | cit2.net | EN/AR/RU/+8 more languages IP :
 i registerd in it

then when i went off my brother registerd too and played 

but when he made the account he named it headlord4 he started with my account name :o (zezothelord)

idk how but afterthat he changed it 

and he went off then i tried to login found my account named headlord4 :0 but changed it back to zezothelord

when i went off and my brother came back he couldnt login his account it said ur password is wrong

but he was putting his password right

then he made another account

and same things happened

untill he tried to put hhis password 10times and now we both cant login :/ 

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thx buddy but when i tried to register on their forums it said error and couldnt register idk why :/ @Khadeer143

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Then I can't help u Bro because cit owner can't be find on any social network also like fb Skype I think no one know them in real !!I there is one more suggest for u visit Facebook and search for cit2 there are groups and pages pm them may help !! If not wait till some staffs or cit experts reply u 

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22 hours ago, #MR.NaiF said:


i think the owner of CIT is ccw

And I think you can't write a sentence properly.

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On 7/30/2017 at 06:02, #MR.NaiF said:


i think the owner of CIT is ccw

lol. ccw is owner of CIT? Since when?

Edited by Backsage

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