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    • Hi Guys. Could someone help me with this please!  Basically, this login panel is linked to an sql database, but the problem is, when someone register in this panel, it is registered in the database but not to the mta. I don't know if I'm being clear. I see that the functions 'addAccount' and 'logIn' are missing. For example, even if the player logs in in this panel, he's shown as guest in the admin panel, thus I can't add a player in an acl for example.   Help me Please! local connection = dbConnect("mysql",exports['ne_mysql']:getSQLData()) local key = "" addEvent("onCharacterLogin", false) addEvent("onClientCharacterRequest", true) addEventHandler("onClientCharacterRequest", getRootElement(), function(charname) playerSource = client local id = getElementData(client, "char.accountID") local qh = dbQuery(connection, "SELECT * FROM `players` WHERE `account` = ?", id) local row = dbPoll(qh, -1) if row then for k, row in ipairs (row) do local id = tonumber(row["id"]) local x = tonumber(row["x"]) local y = tonumber(row["y"]) local z = tonumber(row["z"]) local rot = tonumber(row["rot"]) local interior = tonumber(row["intID"]) local dimension = tonumber(row["dimID"]) local health = tonumber(row["health"]) local hunger = tonumber(row["hunger"]) local armor = tonumber(row["armor"]) local skin = tonumber(row["skin"]) local money = tonumber(row["money"]) local npoints = tonumber(row["npoints"]) local nsujo = tonumber(row["nsujo"]) local carlicense = tostring(row["drivinglicense"]) local bankmoney = tonumber(row["bankMoney"]) local playedMinutes = tonumber(row["playedMinutes"]) local lastLogin = tonumber(row["lastlogin"]) local gender = tonumber(row["gender"]) local age = tonumber(row["age"]) local weight = tonumber(row["weight"]) local height = tonumber(row["height"]) local adminnick = tostring(row["adminnick"]) local charname = tostring(row["charname"]) charname = string.gsub(tostring(charname), " ", "_") local walkingstyle = tonumber(row["walkingstyle"]) local jobID = tonumber(row["jobID"]) local jobName = tostring(row["jobName"]) local radiochannel = tonumber(row["radiochannel"]) local factionID = tonumber(row["factionID"]) local factionLeader = tonumber(row["factionLeader"]) local factionRank = tonumber(row["factionRank"]) local badgeNumber = tonumber(row["badgeNumber"]) local dutySkin = tonumber(row["dutySkin"]) local showHUD = tonumber(row["showHUD"]) local showOOC = tonumber(row["showOOC"]) local showRadar = tonumber(row["showRadar"]) local payTime = tonumber(row["payTime"]) local adminlevel = getElementData(playerSource, "char.adminlevel") local adminduty = getElementData(playerSource, "char.adminduty") setElementData(playerSource, "char.factionID", tonumber(factionID)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.factionLeader", tonumber(factionLeader)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.factionRank", tonumber(factionRank)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.badgeNumber", tonumber(badgeNumber)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.dutySkin", tonumber(dutySkin)) setElementData(playerSource, "age", tonumber(age)) setElementData(playerSource, "weight", tonumber(weight)) setElementData(playerSource, "height", tonumber(height)) setElementData(playerSource, "walkingstyle", tonumber(walkingstyle)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.jobID", tonumber(jobID)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.jobName", tostring(jobName)) if carlicense == "true" then setElementData(playerSource, "char.drivingLicense", true) else setElementData(playerSource, "char.drivingLicense", false) end setElementData(playerSource, "charname", tostring(charname)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.playedMinutes", tonumber(playedMinutes)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.lastLogin", tonumber(lastLogin)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.UID", tonumber(id)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.skin", tonumber(skin)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.adminlevel", tonumber(adminlevel)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.adminnick", adminnick) setElementData(playerSource, "char.bankMoney", tonumber(bankmoney)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.money",tonumber(money)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.diamante",tonumber(npoints)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.moneysujo",tonumber(nsujo)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.radio",tonumber(radiochannel)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.payTime",tonumber(payTime)) setElementData(playerSource, "gender", tonumber(gender)) setElementData(playerSource, "visibleName", tostring(charname)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.phoneNumber", tonumber(id)) setElementData(playerSource, "showHUD", tonumber(showHUD)) setElementData(playerSource, "showOOC", tonumber(showOOC)) setElementData(playerSource, "showRadar", tonumber(showRadar)) setPlayerName(playerSource, tostring(charname)) local name = string.gsub(tostring(charname), "_", " ") setPlayerNametagText(source, tostring(name)) setElementData(playerSource,"char.hunger",hunger) setElementData(playerSource, "dbid", getElementData(playerSource, "char.UID")) setElementData(playerSource, "char.health", tonumber(health)) setPedAnimation(playerSource, false) setElementHealth(playerSource, health) setPedArmor(playerSource, armor) setPedSkin(playerSource, skin) spawnPlayer(playerSource, x, y, z+2, rot, skin, interior, dimension) setPedWalkingStyle(client, walkingstyle) dbExec(connection,"UPDATE `players` SET `lastlogin`=NOW() WHERE `id`=?",id) toggleAllControls(playerSource, true, true, true) fadeCamera(playerSource, true) triggerEvent("onCharacterLogin", playerSource, charname) if getElementData(playerSource, "char.jailTime") > 0 then setElementDimension(playerSource, 60000 + getElementData(playerSource, "charID")) setElementInterior(playerSource, 6) setElementPosition(playerSource, 263.821807, 77.848365, 1001.0390625) setPedRotation(playerSource, 267.438446) setElementData(playerSource, "char.jailTime", getElementData(playerSource, "char.jailTime")) setElementData(playerSource, "char.jailReason", getElementData(playerSource, "char.jailReason")) setElementData(playerSource, "char.adminJail", true) outputChatBox("[Prisão]: Você está na cadeia, motivo: "..getElementData(playerSource, "char.jailReason")..".", playerSource, 124, 9, 9, true) outputChatBox("[Prisão]: Tempo: "..getElementData(playerSource, "char.jailTime")..".", playerSource, 124, 9, 9, true) exports.vz_bans:loginPlayerJailed() else setElementData(playerSource, "char.jailTime", 0) setElementData(playerSource, "char.jailReason", nil) setElementData(playerSource, "char.adminJail", false) end end else outputDebugString( "Conexão com o MySQL falhou!") end end ) addEvent("onPlayerLogin", false) addEvent("onClientLoginRequest", true) addEventHandler("onClientLoginRequest", getRootElement(), function(username, password) if (string.len(password)~=64) then password = string.reverse((key) .. (password)) end local lgnQuery = dbQuery(connection, "SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `username`=? AND `password`=?", username, password ) playerSource = client local lgnResult = dbPoll ( lgnQuery, -1 ) if #lgnResult > 0 then for k, row in ipairs ( lgnResult ) do triggerEvent("onPlayerLogin", playerSource, username, password) local id = tonumber(row["id"]) local pass = tonumber(row["password"]) local found = false for key, v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local accid = tonumber(getElementData(v, "char.accountID")) if (accid) then if (accid==id) and (v~=playerSource) then found = true break end end end if not (found) then local admin = tonumber(row["admin"]) local adminduty = tonumber(row["adminduty"]) local adminjail = tonumber(row["adminjail"]) local adminJailTime = tonumber(row["adminjail_time"]) local adminJailBy = tostring(row["adminjail_by"]) local adminJailReason = row["adminjail_reason"] local banned = tonumber(row["banned"]) if tonumber(admin) == 0 then adminduty = 0 end setElementData(playerSource, "char.adminlevel", tonumber(admin)) local lasethp = tonumber(row["asethp"]) local lasetarmor = tonumber(row["asetarmor"]) local lasethunger = tonumber(row["asethunger"]) local lagoto = tonumber(row["agoto"]) local lagethere = tonumber(row["agethere"]) local lagivemoney = tonumber(row["agivemoney"]) local lasetmoney = tonumber(row["asetmoney"]) local lagiveitem = tonumber(row["agiveitem"]) local laadutyminute = tonumber(row["adutyminute"]) local lafuelveh = tonumber(row["afuelveh"]) local lafixveh = tonumber(row["afixveh"]) local lareply = tonumber(row["areply"]) local lapm = tonumber(row["apm"]) local lamakeveh = tonumber(row["amakeveh"]) local lajail = tonumber(row["ajail"]) local laban = tonumber(row["aban"]) if (banned==1) then kickPlayer(source,"Server Name","Sua conta está bloqueada") else setElementData(playerSource, "char.defaultUserName", username) setElementData(playerSource, "char.accountID", tonumber(id)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.adminduty", tonumber(adminduty)) setElementData(playerSource, "char.jailTime", adminJailTime) setElementData(playerSource, "char.jailReason", adminJailReason) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.sethp", lasethp) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.setarmor", lasetarmor) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.sethunger", lasethunger) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.goto", lagoto) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.gethere", lagethere) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.givemoney", lagivemoney) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.setmoney", lasetmoney) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.giveitem", lagiveitem) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.adutyminute", laadutyminute) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.fuelveh", lafuelveh) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.fixveh", lafixveh) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.reply", lareply) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.pm", lapm) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.makeveh", lamakeveh) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.jail", lajail) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.ban", laban) fadeCamera(playerSource, true) requestAccounts(playerSource, id) local ip = getPlayerIP(playerSource) local serial = getPlayerSerial(playerSource) dbExec(connection,"UPDATE `users` SET `ip`=?, serial=? WHERE `id`=?",ip,serial,id) end end end else exports.vz_info:showBoxS(playerSource, "Nome de usuário ou senha inválidos", "error") end end ) addEvent("onClientTryToCreateAccount", true) addEventHandler("onClientTryToCreateAccount", getRootElement(), function(username, password) local value = dbQuery(connection, "SELECT * FROM `users`") local result = dbPoll (value, -1 ) local serial = getPlayerSerial(source) password = string.reverse((key) .. (password)) if result then for _, row in ipairs ( result ) do if string.lower(row["username"]) == username then exports.vz_info:showBoxS(source, "Esse nome de usuário já existe", "error") return end if row["mtaserial"] == serial then exports.vz_info:showBoxS(source, "Você já tem uma conta", "error") return end end end exports.vz_info:showBoxS(source, "Registro bem sucedido!", "info") local data = dbExec(connection, "INSERT INTO users SET username = ?, password = ?, mtaserial = ?", username, password, serial) triggerClientEvent(source,"onRegisterFinish",source) end ) addEvent("OnClientTryToCreateCharacter", true) addEventHandler("OnClientTryToCreateCharacter", getRootElement(), function(charname, skins, age, sex) local value = dbQuery(connection, "SELECT `charname` FROM `players` WHERE `charname` = ?", tostring(charname)) local result = dbPoll (value, -1) local count = 0 local pw cname = nil if result then for _, row in ipairs ( result ) do cname = string.lower(row["charname"]) end if cname ~= nil then exports.vz_info:showBoxS(source, "O nome desse personagem já existe", "error") return end end dbFree(value) local accountID = getElementData(source, "char.accountID") data = dbExec( connection, "INSERT INTO `players` SET charname=?, account=?, intID=0, dimID=0, x=1481.06226, y=-1770.94824, z=18.79576, skin=0, age=?, gender=?", charname, accountID, age, sex) setPlayerName(source, charname) triggerClientEvent(source,"onSuccessLogin",source) requestAccounts(source, accountID) triggerClientEvent(source, "createCharacterLogin", source) end ) function requestAccounts(playerSource, id) local requestAcc = {} local query = dbQuery(connection, "SELECT id, charname,money, age, gender, skin, DATEDIFF(NOW(), lastlogin) FROM players WHERE account=?", id) local result = dbPoll(query, -1) if (#result>0) then for k, data in ipairs (result) do local i = 1 requestAcc[i] = {} requestAcc[i][0] = tonumber(data["id"]) requestAcc[i][1] = tostring(data["charname"]) requestAcc[i][2] = tonumber(data["skin"]) requestAcc[i][3] = tonumber(data["money"]) i = i + 1 end end triggerClientEvent(playerSource, "createCharacterLogin", playerSource, requestAcc, true, true) end addEvent("requestAccounts", true) addEventHandler("requestAccounts", getRootElement(), requestAccounts) function saveChar() if getElementData(source, "CharLoggedIn") then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(source) local rot = getPedRotation(source) local health = getElementHealth(source) local hunger = getElementData(source, "char.hunger") or 0 local age = getElementData(source, "age") local gender = getElementData(source, "gender") local armor = getPedArmor(source) local interior = getElementInterior(source) local dimension = getElementDimension(source) local charname = getElementData(source, "charname") local skin = getElementData(source, "char.skin") local playedMinutes = getElementData(source, "char.playedMinutes") local money = getElementData(source, "char.money") local npoints = getElementData(source,"char.diamante") local nsujo = getElementData(source,"char.moneysujo") local factionID = getElementData(source,"char.factionID") local factionLeader = getElementData(source,"char.factionLeader") local factionRank = getElementData(source,"char.factionRank") local badgeNumber = getElementData(source,"char.badgeNumber") local dutySkin = getElementData(source,"char.dutySkin") local bankMoney = getElementData(source, "char.bankMoney") local adminlevel = getElementData(source, "char.adminlevel") local jobID = getElementData(source, "char.jobID") local jobName = getElementData(source, "char.jobName") local radio = getElementData(source, "char.radio") local showHUD = getElementData(source, "showHUD") local showOOC = getElementData(source, "showOOC") local showRadar = getElementData(source, "showRadar") local drivingLicense = tostring(getElementData(source, "char.drivingLicense")) local jailTime = getElementData(source, "char.jailTime") local jailReason = getElementData(source, "char.jailReason") or "null" local adminJail = getElementData(source, "char.adminJail") local payTime = getElementData(source, "char.payTime") local asethp = getElementData(source, "admin.sethp") local asetarmor = getElementData(source, "admin.setarmor") local asethunger = getElementData(source, "admin.sethunger") local agoto = getElementData(source, "admin.goto") local agethere = getElementData(source, "admin.gethere") local agivemoney = getElementData(source, "admin.givemoney") local agiveitem = getElementData(source, "admin.giveitem") local asetmoney = getElementData(source, "admin.setmoney") local aadutyminute = getElementData(source, "admin.adutyminute") local afuelveh = getElementData(source, "admin.fuelveh") local afixveh = getElementData(source, "admin.fixveh") local areply = getElementData(source, "admin.reply") local apm = getElementData(source, "admin.pm") local amakeveh = getElementData(source, "admin.makeveh") local ajail = getElementData(source, "admin.jail") local aban = getElementData(source, "admin.ban") local update = dbExec(connection,"UPDATE players SET x=?, y=?, z=?, rot=?, health=?,hunger=?, armor=?, dimID=?, intID=?, money=?, npoints=?, nsujo=?, factionID=?, factionLeader=?, factionRank=?, badgeNumber=?, dutySkin=?, lastlogin=NOW(), playedMinutes=?, skin=?, charname=?, jobID=?, jobName=?, bankMoney=?, drivinglicense=?, radiochannel=?, showHUD=?, showOOC=?, showRadar=?, payTime=?, age=?, gender=? WHERE id=?",x,y,z,rot,health,hunger,armor,dimension,interior,money,npoints,nsujo,factionID,factionLeader,factionRank,badgeNumber,dutySkin,playedMinutes,skin,charname,jobID,jobName,bankMoney,drivingLicense,radio,showHUD,showOOC,showRadar,payTime,age,gender,getElementData(source, "char.UID")) local update2 = dbExec(connection,"UPDATE users SET lastlogin=NOW(), `admin`=?, adminjail_time=?, adminjail_reason=?, adminjail=? WHERE id = " .. getElementData(source,"char.accountID"),adminlevel, jailTime, jailReason, adminJail) local update3 = dbExec(connection,"UPDATE users SET asethp=?, asetarmor=?, asethunger=?, agoto=?, agethere=?, agivemoney=?, asetmoney=?, agiveitem=?, adutyminute=?, afuelveh=?, afixveh=?, areply=?, apm=?, amakeveh=? WHERE id = " .. getElementData(source,"char.accountID"), asethp, asetarmor, asethunger, agoto, agethere, agivemoney, asetmoney, agiveitem, aadutyminute, afuelveh, afixveh, areply, apm, amakeveh, ajail, aban) end end addEvent("saveChar", true) addEventHandler("saveChar",getRootElement(),saveChar) addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), saveChar) addCommandHandler("ban", function(playerSource,commandName,targetPlayer,ttime,...) if getElementData(playerSource, "char.adminlevel") >= 5 then -- Administrador acima do nivel *5 pode banir local ttime = tonumber ( ttime ) if targetPlayer and ttime then local targetPlayer, targetPlayerName = exports.vz_main:findPlayerByPartialNick(source, targetPlayer) if (getElementData(targetPlayer, "char.adminlevel") or 0) < getElementData(playerSource, "char.adminlevel") then local pSerialC = getPlayerSerial(targetPlayer) local duration = (ttime*60)*60 local reason = table.concat({...}, " ") local adminName = getElementData(playerSource,"char.adminnick") if ttime == 0 then dbExec(connection ,"INSERT INTO bans SET accountid=?, bannedBy=?, timeZone=?, playerSerial=?, reason = ?, playername=?",getElementData(targetPlayer, "char.accountID"), adminName ,23414590357, pSerialC, reason, targetPlayerName) else dbExec(connection ,"INSERT INTO bans SET accountid=?, bannedBy=?, timeZone=?, playerSerial=?, reason = ?, playername=?",getElementData(targetPlayer, "char.accountID"), adminName ,getRealTime()["timestamp"]+duration, pSerialC, reason, targetPlayerName) end if ttime == 0 then text = "Eterno" else text = ttime .. " hora" end dbExec(connection, "UPDATE users SET banned=1, banned_by=?, banned_reason=? WHERE id=?", adminName, reason, getElementData(targetPlayer, "char.accountID")) kickPlayer(targetPlayer, adminName, reason ) setElementData(playerSource, "admin.ban", getElementData(playerSource, "admin.ban") + 1) outputChatBox("#4169E1[Ban]: #ffffff" ..adminName .. " baniu o jogador " .. targetPlayerName .. "", root, 255, 255, 255, true) outputChatBox("#4169E1[Ban]: #ffffffHora do banimento: " .. text .. " - Motivo: #4169E1" .. reason .. "", root, 255, 255, 255, true) else outputChatBox("#ff0000[Error]: #ffffffVocê não pode banir um administrador superior a você", playerSource, 255, 255, 255, true) outputChatBox("#4169E1[Ban]: #ffffff"..getElementData(playerSource,"char.adminnick").." tentou banir um administrador do servidor", targetPlayer, 255, 255, 255, true) end else outputChatBox("#4169E1[Use]:#ffffff /" .. commandName .. " [ID] [hora (0 - eterno)] [motivo]", playerSource, 208, 101, 29, true) end end end ) addCommandHandler("offban", -- Administrador acima do nivel *5 pode banir jogadores offline function (thePlayer, commandName, targetPlayer, tttime, ...) if getElementData(thePlayer, "char.adminlevel") >= 5 then local tttime = tonumber(tttime) if not (targetPlayer) or not (tttime) or not (...) then outputChatBox("#4169E1[Use]: #ffffff/" .. commandName .. " [Nome Completo] [hora (0 - eterno)] [Motivo]", thePlayer , 255, 255, 255, true) else local targetPlayer = targetPlayer:gsub(" ", "_") local targetPlayerName = targetPlayer:gsub("_", " ") local adminName = getElementData(thePlayer,"char.adminnick") local reason = table.concat({...}, " ") local duration = (tttime*60)*60 if targetPlayer then if (getElementData(targetPlayer, "char.adminlevel") or 0) < getElementData(thePlayer, "char.adminlevel") then local qh = dbQuery(connection, "SELECT * FROM players WHERE charname='" .. targetPlayer .. "'") local result, num = dbPoll (qh, -1) if num == 0 then outputChatBox("#ff0000[Falha]: #ffffffEsse banimento não existe", thePlayer, 255, 255, 255, true) return end if result then for _, row in ipairs ( result ) do id = tonumber(row["id"]) accountid = tonumber(row["account"]) end if (accountid) then local qh2 = dbQuery(connection, "SELECT * FROM users WHERE id='" .. accountid .. "'") local result2 = dbPoll ( qh2, -1 ) if result2 then for _2, row2 in ipairs ( result2 ) do admin = tonumber(row2["admin"]) serial = row2["mtaserial"] ip = row2["ip"] end if (admin) > (getElementData(thePlayer, "char.adminlevel")) then outputChatBox("#ff0000[Falha]: #ffffffVocê não tem permissão", thePlayer, 255, 255, 255, true) return end if tttime == 0 then text = "Eterno" else text = tttime .. " Hora" end if tttime == 0 then dbExec(connection ,"INSERT INTO bans SET accountid=?, bannedBy=?, timeZone=?, playerSerial=?, reason = ?, playername=?", accountid, adminName ,23414590357, serial, reason, targetPlayer) else dbExec(connection ,"INSERT INTO bans SET accountid=?, bannedBy=?, timeZone=?, playerSerial=?, reason = ?, playername=?", accountid, adminName ,getRealTime()["timestamp"]+duration, serial, reason, targetPlayer) end setElementData(thePlayer, "admin.ban", getElementData(thePlayer, "admin.ban") + 1) dbExec(connection, "UPDATE users SET banned=1, banned_by=?, banned_reason=? WHERE id=?", adminName, reason, accountid) outputChatBox("#4169E1[BAN Offline]: #ffffff" ..adminName .. " baniu " .. targetPlayerName .. "", root, 255, 255, 255, true) outputChatBox("#4169E1[BAN Offline]: #ffffff" .. text .. " - Motivo: #4169E1" .. reason .. "", root, 255, 255, 255, true) end end else outputChatBox("#ff0000[Error]: #ffffffNenhum resultado encontrado", thePlayer, 255, 255, 255, true) end else outputChatBox("#ff0000[Error]: #ffffffVocê não pode banir um administrador superior a você", thePlayer, 124, 9, 9, true) outputChatBox("[BAN]:#ffffff "..adminName.." tentou banir um administrador do servidor", targetPlayer, 124, 9, 9, true) -- Quando um administrador tentar banir outro administrador, então aparece para todos administradores essa mensaguem end end end end end) addCommandHandler( "desbanir", function (playerSource, cmd, target, ...) if getElementData(playerSource, "char.adminlevel") >= 5 then local reason = table.concat ( { ... }, " " ) local acc local bannedNames = {} local bannedSerials = {} local bannedAccs = {} local bannedBy = {} if target and reason then local query = dbQuery ( connection, "SELECT * FROM `bans`" ) local result = dbPoll ( query, -1 ) if result then for k, rows in ipairs ( result ) do if string.find( rows["playername"]:lower(), target:lower() ) then table.insert ( bannedNames, rows["playername"] ) table.insert ( bannedSerials, rows["playerSerial"] ) table.insert ( bannedAccs, rows["accountid"] ) table.insert ( bannedBy, rows["bannedBy"] ) end end else outputChatBox("#ff0000[Error]: #ffffffNão foi possível encontrar uma punição no nome dado", playerSource, 255, 255, 255, true) end if #bannedNames > 1 then outputChatBox("#4169E1[SERVER NAME]: #ffffffTodas punições existentes do servidor", playerSource, 255, 255, 255, true) for k, bans in ipairs ( bannedNames ) do outputChatBox(bans, playerSource, 208, 101, 29, true) end bannedName = nil bannedSerial = nil bannedAccs = nil bannedBy = nil return end if #bannedNames == 0 then outputChatBox("#ff0000[Error]: #ffffffNenhuma punição encontrada", playerSource, 124, 9, 9, true) return end local exec = dbExec ( connection, "DELETE FROM bans WHERE playername = ?", bannedNames[1]) local exec = dbExec ( connection, "UPDATE `users` SET banned = 0 WHERE `id` = ?", bannedAccs[1]) outputChatBox("#4169E1[SERVER NAME]: #ffffffVocê desbaniu o jogador com sucesso", playerSource, 255, 255, 255, true) bannedName = nil bannedSerial = nil bannedAccs = nil bannedBy = nil else outputChatBox ("#4169E1[Use]: #ffffff/" .. cmd .. " [Nome Completo] [Motivo]", playerSource, 255, 255, 255, true) end end end )  
    • and can't that cause some issues that it's saving the XML file on the server and not on the players PC?
    • Try (getaa or 0) instead of simply getaa
    • You’re welcome Note, if you create an object clientside only the local player will see it, that’s good to know, this rule applies to many other functions
    • thank youuuu working fine, many-many thanks  
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