MTA 0.1 or MTA 0.2 source code?

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I'm really interested in reversing and modding GTA, and i want research and may be improve old MTA releases.

I'm interested in MTA 0.1(Admin Console source code no longer available for download) or MTA 0.2 source code.

I think, someone can share this source under NDA or GPL license.

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Honestly I there's a really slim chance on you finding that.

Check this out tho: 


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The earliest available version on GitHub is this. I suppose if you looked hard enough and weren't afraid to ask around you could find some earlier revisions. Good luck.

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It looks like i can fork it for my multiplayer project.

GPL v3 license allow me to modify this multiplayer, but some parts needed to build it are closed source(due to NDA), can i provide my obj(compiled files) in repository with closed source modules?

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GTA3:AM, aka GTA3:MTA 0.1, was the only version for GTA III or GTA:VC that was officially released to the public as open-source. I have been searching for a copy of its source code for years to host for historical purposes, but unfortunately I still can't find it. If someone has a copy, PLEASE send it to me so we can get it back online. It is of extreme importance to the entire GTA multiplayer modification community, and is the reason why GTA multiplayer mods exist today.

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