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Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Unveiled


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We are pleased to reveal the launch of the Multi Theft Auto:San Andreas website at http://www.mtasa.com. It features a breakdown of our plans in regards to the upcoming release from Rockstar Games, along with some information of interest to all the coders out there who are eager to design modifications for an MTA built upon the Blue platform.

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Hmm, SA may come out with a blue coding after all. Is there any approximation at all that can be given as to how much longer after the release of SA to PC will MTA:SA be released... a day, a week, a month, a year? Couple weeks to a couple months would be my assumption perhaps. But as most probably think, the sooner the better.


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I know this is going to sound condescending, but...

Initially, we will be releasing a game mode with very basic synchronization enabled and will continue by releasing small but frequent updates. This will enable users to have more input into our development and will allow us to experiment with ideas and implement new features much more quickly.

Does this mean the MTA developers will be changing their current ways and focusing more on the customer? Also, what does "frequent updates" mean? Attempts at weekly, monthly, quarterly releases?

I worry that this is yet another distraction aware from 0.5.5 and the polishing of the basic MTA:BLUE. Hope it isn't.

Good luck.

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We do intend to be more "user focused", not that we haven't always tried, of course. Working off the blue offers us the flexibility to add features much faster than with previous versions. Experimentation in versions based on the old core was always risky and very time consuming.

We can't say what "frequent updates" means, we don't give out release dates either implicitly or otherwise. It doesn't distract us away from BLUE as we're using BLUE for it...

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Initially, we will be releasing a game mode with very basic synchronization enabled and will continue by releasing small but frequent updates.

but will you make those basic things first, or will you guys finish the mta blue version for vice city first; or maybe even split the teams to work on both?

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Sounds like some compition will be happening over online San Andreas. We got MTA:SA, SA-MP, and GTA:C (i think).

EDIT: Where the hell did my sig go?!

competition? hell no, mta p00nes every other multiplayer mod :oops:

You can't really say that. I don't think you have seen other people's work, and you haven't played them.

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Playing Multi Theft Auto in San Andreas would be awesome the only problem i see is that the area is so large and there are rarely enough people on the server so you'll be in ganton and theres one person in sanfierro and one the desert, there better be alot of jets lying around, but other than that it sounds mind blowing to play S.A. on M.T.A. :D

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the idea I heard MrBump mention would be to focus the vehicles spawns and weapons in one area and leave the rest of the map open and free to explore.

That way you could run to the end of the state or stay in a general area...

scripts could make areas out of bounds for certain types of games. - for gangwars or races etc...

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