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VCES // SAES - Vice City / San Andreas Emergency Services


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VCES:: Vice City Emergency Services

SAES :: San Andreas Emergency Services

URL: http://www.vces.net

IRC: irc://irc.gtanet.com/saes

Live server statistics such as live chat, arrests, kills, etc can be watched on our dashboard: http://dashboard.vces.net

VCES/SAES are a UK based Clan but accept members from any country as long as they can speak English and use IRC and Teamspeak 3. 8)

VCES/SAES formed in November 2003 and is still going strong.

Recruitment is as and when we need to, applications are welcome on the VCES Forum.

Our VC server is closed whilst we concentrate on MTA:SA, however will be open on special occasions, please checkout the vces.net main page for annoucements.

You can join our SA server at mtasa://mta.vces.net:5435 (, It is currently running its own RP script which includes a banking system, house market and also includes medic/cop/criminal/mechanic missions, however its still work in progress, any bugs you can report to our website.


Teamspeak is avaliable, check the VCES forum for login details.

In addition to the RP scenario,we also run a "Team Deathmatch" server known as our RvB (Red vs Blue) server.

The address for this server is: mtasa://mta.vces.net:7175 (


aswell these servers we also do 'Theme Game' Nights check the VCES forum's for additonal details.

These are invitation only and we play games like 'Cops & Robbers', 'Escape and Evade' and 'King of the Hill'.

Check our clan forum for game rules, and also ask to be invited if you wish :)

Any other information you require can be found at WWW.VCES.NET.

LAST UPDATED: 5th July 2010

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