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Server usage (I got fast download no upload)

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Hi everyone, disregaurd the name I was in this shit clan years back. Im paying £15.99 from tiscali a month for supposed 256k connection, recently I can download at 128kb-220kb/sec :/ but only upload at 20-30kb/sec.

Just wondering if i could make a mta server what could the maximum it hold be? and what speeds am i reciving at.

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paying for a 256kbps connection and you can download at over 200k a second, your getting a bloody good deal. and with only 30k/s upload, you probably couldnt handle more than 5 player server, if even that.

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The rough calculation used to be around 2-3k x number of players x number of players. Now you are probaby looking at 3-4k x #p x #p.

The best way (as it says in the Docs) is start low and work up until the lag gets bad. You really don't have much of a connection tho so I'd not try more than a 2 or 3 player server.

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