Can't Join any Server - AC #4 8DA6-0500

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Hello everyone,

I am not able to join any server.Whenever i try to join a server it gives me one of these 2 errors:

1.disconnected:you were kicked by (AC #4 8DA6-0500)

2.disconnected:connection to the server was lost

Please help me , i want to play mta again cause it is an awesome game!

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34 minutes ago, Barış Yozkurt said:

Bende avg.SP Dosyası bulunmamakta ben napmalıyım ?


Stop "Process Hacker"

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The problem is MTA 1.4 is not compatible with Avast.

Solutions are:
a) Only use MTA 1.5
b) Uninstall Avast


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18 minutes ago, ccw said:

Sorun, MTA 1.4 Avast ile uyumlu değildir .

Çözümler şunlardır:
a) Sadece kullanmak MTA 1.5
b) Kaldırma Avast


Şimdi MTA 1.4 Oynıyamıyacakmıyım ?


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