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Cannot open maps in Editor


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I was making maps 5+ years ago. Then I stopped playing, and now I came back to take a look. I have put one of my race maps in the folder: MTA San Andreas 1.5 > server > mods > deathmatch > resources > gamemodes > race > maps. It`s a rar file which contains two files: the map and the meta.xml. When I go into the Map Editor and want to run my map, I cannot open it because it`s not even displayed in the list of maps. I made two screenshots, hopefully the links work so that you can see them.

Can you please help me? What changed during the years so that it doesn`t work anymore?



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Thank you for your help, guys. After a day of trying a lot of possibilities, finally I succeeded. Now I can enjoy some nostalgia going through my long forgotten maps.

That folder thing was a great help. And I also needed to modify the names in the maps` meta.xml files. Everything works fine.

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