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Extreme Stunt Masters Clan [XSM] - Recruiting

Guest [XSM]kiwi

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Extreme Stunt Masters are recruiting members, the clan is about 1½ months old and has 7 active members.

If you want to join please post in this topic or go to: http://www.xsmforum.tk or http://www.xsm.tk

You have to make a new topic (at xsmforum), with the prefix Joining-yournamehere FIRST.

Then, you have to give:

Real name:



Reason to join:

Time playing MTA:


The thing you do best:

Then, one of the admins will review your submission, and you will get informed if you're accepted or not.

Be sure TO POST AT LEAST 1 POST at the forum, or you will be banned. :evil:

[EDITED 25th April by [xsm]kiwi]

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