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Executing javascript from an iframe in the browser

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I'm wanting to know if there is a way to execute javascript functions from MTA to an iframe that is being shown in the browser.

When I try and execute the function, it says it isn't defined.



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That's not working as I'm trying to execute javascript code from an iframe within the browser itself. I can execute javascript code from the parent, but not from an iframe within the html page.


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All good, came up with a solution to the issue.

What I did was create a function in the main javascript file that would access the iframe and execute the function through that. This is achieved using:


(in my case anyway)

However I feel this isn't the best way to achieve this since its using an, in my opinion, unnecessary "piggyback". If there is a better method to do this, please let me and everyone else know. Otherwise I would suggest adding a way to do this through an MTA function that would work better.


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