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1937' Hustler Bus (Fictional)

Captain Cody

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Spent a bit working on a hustler bus, "Front end from hustler, rear end from quite heavily modified bus". Was going to use it on my server but instead decided against. So I'll just put it here in hopes of someone putting it to use. Has questionable collisions, and maybe needs a few changes; but other then that it's basically a complete vehicle. I tried adding enterable interior then found it was to short in the front to do so, and it wouldn't look right taller so I threw in some last minute touches and switched back to old bus.






Col Source


If you're interested in using it go right ahead, any thing you want changed just comment here and I'll do so when I have the time. (Or do it yourself either way works)



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Oh and here's an early render of it. (The light color codes are way out of wack at this stage)


(Oh and if any one has any suggestions as to what I should make / vehicles I should combine I'd like to hear them. I absolutely love modeling, would take modeling over scripting any day)

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