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:( Whats wrong with it! :(

Guest joka_boy

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ok I starts MTA get into ANY server and it loads up to the last little bit of the pink bar then it freezes and wont load anymore it wont do anything I just have to restart my computer :( can anyone help me?

System Specs (I'm not to "computer smart" so dont flame me if I leave sumthin out just ask for it please:

OS: WinXp SP2

RAM: 512 MB

Free Hard Drive Space: 48.40GB

and thats all I know but I'll be glad to tell you anything if u just ask and maybe explain how to get there

thanx in advance for the help

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From the Known Issues thread

Crash when Vice City Deathmatch is loading

We're not sure what causes this, but we know that about 60% of these crashes can be fixed by upgrading to vice city 1.1 instead of 1.0. If you're already using 1.1, wait - we're working on it. (also see next)

Crash when either Vice City of GTA3 are loading

Make sure you run GTA3 or Vice City at least once in Single Player without MTA before actually running it with MTA.

hope this helps

if it doesn't then please refer to the known issues thread for any other possible fixes

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