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MTA Server DriftShow - (Equipe DriftShow DS Virtual)


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Essa é uma Equipe Drift Online que foi inspirada pela grande equipe de Drift-Show DS que domina as pistas da vida real e agora virtual. 
This is a Drift Online team was inspired by the great team Drift Show-DS dominating the tracks of real life and now virtual.

#EquipeDriftShowVirtual / #EquipeDSVirtual - 1f697.png🚗1f4a8.png


Server IP:  mtasa://

º WebSite Oficial DS: http://driftshowdsvirtual.wix.com/dsvirtual

⇨ Channel Oficial DS Virtual: https://goo.gl/i2NZQx
⇨ Extensão DS Virtual - Instale:http://goo.gl/gdybTt
⇨ Blog Oficial DS: http://goo.gl/LK3C51

Server MTA Drift
This server is fully focused on Drift on the server you can find many suitable car to drift.

On the server is performed campenatos Drift, inspired by the great world of Drift (Formula Drift) Come to the server.


Total server Drift - Today Today is the best BR Drift MTA. The server contains a maximum of 450MB with the Best Cars, Tracks, Mods and Scripts, Drift Server Lightest MTA BR and with a great connection for you to have a great development on the slopes, most things all exclusive Drift-Show Virtual DS Team - Want to know more about the Server and Team only go straight on their page:  ( Link )



Equipe DriftShow DS Virtual











Long Beach - FD 



1 Album Photos <

2 Camp Drift Long Beach, Photos <

3 Camp Drift Long Beach, Photos <


Veja mais vídeos / See more videos:  Channel 

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Official Shirt, Equipe DriftShow DS Virtual 


Look that! First Fan's Drift Show-Team DS Virtual [Brandão] went straight there Paraiba JP know the Founder of Virtual Team DS [Matias] and Finished winning a shirt Official Team. : 👊 the #EquipeDSVirtual # MK12

Very satisfying the love we never think that one day this would happen. Thanks to everyone who somehow likes the work and Admira Drift Show-Team DS Virtual 8) 🚗💨💨

Stay on top of all the news team: FanPage

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