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Ill be working on:

1. Gun Models

2.Replacing more cars (its 1gb already lol , but i will create new modloader asap)

3.Maybe some map stuff

First before that ill write Loadouts (Every character which you will choose will have their own loadout)


Civilian - Knife , Combat Pistol (silenced)

Construction - Combat Pistol (silenced) , Hammer

Club Guard - Combat pistol (silenced) , Night stick

??? - ???


VCPD (Vice City Police Departament) - Taser (Colt45) , Night stick , Pump Shotgun (chromegun , pump shotgun) [And their own weapon menu where they can access shotgun , combat pistol , taser and a night stick at any time]

VCSO (Vice City Sheriff Office) - the same as up ^

GKHP (Gator Keys Highway Patrol) - The same as up ^^

VCFD (Vice City Fire Departament) - Fire extinguisher

VCMC (Vice City Medical Center) - Taser (silenced)

Army - Skorpion [Mini SMG] (tec9) , Carbine rifle (m4) , Pistol .50 (Deagle) , Assault Shotgun (Shotgspa)


Vagos - Micro SMG (uzi) , Bat , Pistol .50 (Deagle)

Cubans - ???

Haitians - ???

??? - ??? (TBA)


Staff - Minigun

Also another issue is:

Some people (PROPABLY , NOT SURE) are spamming their buttons when the map is loading

and it crashes them istnead of loading the map... (Because when you complete the download there is a huge lag)

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couldn't do it today...

my cousin had a birthday so i will do these tommorow or maybe ill start it today and finish tommorow

here's yesterdays progress:

*Added Lycan (Wayfarer)

*Added VCPD Merit (Police LV)

*Added Feroci FLYus (Stafford)

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Forgot to add replaced vehicle names for Merit and Feroci

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no news yet

but im working on some huge sh*t

Here's whats next:

Some IV/V Interiors (movie theater [V] , clothes shops [V,IV] and more)

Yachts yachts yachts! [V,IV] 

V Yacht will be a huge remodeled party yacht which will be somewhere... idk where lol

IV Tbogt yachts with full interior which you can decorate will be availible as purchasable yacht

there will be 10 yachts (For now) and after some time i will add an script which allows you to buy it (or just make it acl based and add acl's to various players + take their money like they would buy it)

ill be downloading also many community scripts and doing many scripts which will make the game better

worth to mention

server will be an community + own scripts mixture

after i'll add everything ill do a huge list with every author

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forgot to mention

i deleted "Generated Particles" (Leaves , newspapers on the ground)

Only for now


1.some were buggy

2.laggy for some people

and first ever work on the yacht..

for some reason the collision is bugged as f*ck

it creates invisible wall but its perfect in 3ds max


And yeah its purple and green (just because it was an vehicle model from gta 5 and i converted it as an obj :P)
Credits: Tall70 - Model

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yes but this is vice city yacht

vice city one is still in the place where you added the screen

the one in my screen is near the movie studio island and its gta 4 yacht

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More Progress:

1.New chat (edited smartchat resource , credit to original author)

2.Online players (propably i will delete that or change that)

3.More Map progress (more Vice Cry Objects)

4.Weapon Wheel (Not shown)

5.New wasted screen from Grand Theft International (+ Edited a bit)
I credit all of resource creators and after sometime i will create a big list of every people which did made the scripts

NOTE:Im not taking credit for these resources , every name is still in .meta



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little sneak peek of something i have in mind

*One of the characters which you will meet through your progress is a guy called ENS

he will be an vagos member and you can tune vehicles in his ENS Original Motorworks

if you will reach 30+ Reputation with vagos (yes reputation is going to be added aswell) then you can join vagos and get new set of various missions for ENS and his vagos gang

And about tune shops

there will be 4 tuning shops (that are planned for now)

*ENS Original Motorworks

*Unknown Motorcycle Tuning shop (no name yet)

*Beekers garage (Or Vice City Customs)

*Sunshine Autos Tuning

All of them will have different properties and will work for other types of the vehicle

ENS - Fast Cars , Lowriders

Motorcycle - Motorcycles (ofcourse..)

Beekers - Cars bikes etc

Sunshine - Cars Bikes etc

and possibly i will add an aircraft tuning shops which will allow to change colour of your aircraft (and boat too)

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Vice cry palms would fit a bit better due to them being created with the intention of being used in Vice city.

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I got some info on fps drops

some car replacements f*ck them up

and most that i installed are from Automan which creates them with his own "Reflections"

so i need to use other ones :P

With modloader: 80-91

Without modloader - 94-101

And since i didn't do any map progress yet i will add some IMAGE progress

Generic_Avatar (used for some stuff)


Interaction Menu Background


RP Symbol


Cash Symbol


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Good job! I see your dedication and creativity. Impressive modification thread. And the fact that it is entirely multiplayer is great.

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thanks m8

it wouldn't be possible without your's conveter :D


Me and my friend yesterday did some stuff such as:

*Dancing girls in the stripclub (you can give them money too)
*Pay n' Spray

Today i'll remake every weapon icon

Every Blip

Every Graphic part

And maybe ill add some more vcs stuff (Forgot to mention , added Mainland vic savehouse from VCS with interior but i didn't check it because my game crashed from unknown reasons , and its not the model fault)

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