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:arrow:Junx 7th May Full Member

:arrow: ZoRRo 8th May Honorary

seems as though lots of people are leaving DNA (ex_see_are and junx)

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Don't Mean to SPAM...but [untouchables] Reminds me of =Undefeatable Team= a.k.a =UT= :P

i was gona hav the tag as [uT] or sumat found out that ter already was 1 so i changed it to

seems as though lots of people are leaving DNA (ex_see_are and junx)

Na Junx hasnt left DNA he still Leader, i fink DNA is waiting for 0.5.1.

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Soz guys i left the 4-way match last night, I heard won one of the rounds which is good for the clan status..

My NTL Modem crashed and so did my computer a minute later.. I found out that a few people in my sreet got the same problem aswell so something went wrong..


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1st round we just got pwned by but we fought some of their players were doing the shooting glitch, 2nd round is when about 2 players respawned but didnt get very far because we ended up killing them again. In the 3rd round they were suppose to go to Starfish Island but since they took so long we had so go and find them to start the round.. :shock:

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:arrow: [ur]A_j 14th May

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:arrow:R-Dilla 19th May

..::Clan New::..

.:Mtach Results:. 18th May

2 Vs 1 =Xs=




Round 1:

Round 2: [FMJ]

Round 3: VCES>


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.:Match Results:.

1 Vs 2 (RP)*20th May

...the frist two rounds went fine,

the was a lil misunderstanding in the 3rd which caused a few arguments

& the match was stoped, hope we have a Rematch sometime again

..GG (frist two round's)

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.: Gone Inactive:. 22 May 05

I have decied to stop until MTA (or another Mp-Mod) gets more active again,

untill then its good bye from Untouchables.

its been a great to have gang war with the clans we had & hope to see you when we come back.

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