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Maybe MTA: Vice City should have gamemodes like in GTA3:MTA. Except if it goes with VC Deathmatch it would be.... like.... not fun or something. But my idea is that admin can choose up to 3 kinds of servers for VC: Deathmatch (Like Portland) Stunt (Like Staunton) and RPG (like Shoreside Vale) But if you think it is not a good idea just post here or something.

Example of Gamemodes in GTA3:MTA


Van Heist


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i don't think the MTA team will make an RPG mode. it's a lot of work i imagine, and they need all the time they have for blue and debugging 0.5. besides, rpg is already possible thanks to MTAMA.

Yeah, but MTAMA game modes are only basic. That's why most people play vanilla DM.

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Its going to sound redundant, but its too late now. When blue comes out you should be able to do that stuff. As 0.5.1 is the last release before BLUE.

They said that about 0.5 (which was called 0.4.1 back then).

I get a feeling they'll call the next one 0.6 since they've obviously reworked the entire deathmatch game mode.

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It is a possibility that trx is making those gamemodes, who knows. But I do know one thing: I wouldn't like the idea of add-ons being made with a higher priority than stability. Who knows if 0.5.1 (or 0.6) will be the last versions on this core? No one is sure if a bug like the 0.3 radar bug is going to be included in the release without the team knowing.

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I don't know if this is the right place to post it or not, but I was struck with an idea last night while cruising around an empty Portland waiting for FKU to show up for a bat fight ;)

Landstalker Races...

Everyone knows these things handle like a wet turd and are easy as pie to roll over at the speeds one needs for racing, but I'd think it'd be a nice game mode to shoot for. Somehow work in the little blips like in the old Turismo along a pathway with lots of curves and hills and such. Landstalkers in the RAIN would be far more intimidating, but since weather isnt' currently synched in GTA III, we'd have to go on dry pavement.

I don't know if SSV would be ideal for this or not, as there are ALOT of nasty hills there.. Rather it be a challenge then damn near impossible ;)

Staunton.. Perhaps too flat

Portland.. Maybe around the St. Marks area at best.. Dunno

Just my two cents

--- Loendal

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It would be cool if there was a singleplayer co-op mode
Which would be a kinda major change of direction so, um, no? Though, blue will have the potential (perhaps not initially) to co-op (the missions would need to be recoded from scratch in C++).
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It would be cool if there was a singleplayer co-op mode

Actually, a single player co-op mode is impossible because by definition, co-op involves more than one player.

But yeah, pedantics aside, eAi said he may look into it post-Blue but there's no guarantee that it will ever be a feature.

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