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were do your REPLAYS go

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F1 = show last few seconds of action, F2 = save those few seconds, F3 = play back saved replay.

replay.rep is saved to Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\

By default you can only save one replay at a time, each new one will overwrite. You can pause and manually rename or move the current rep to make room for a new one.

There also used to be an app called a replay handler that apparently enabled you to save multiple replays (basically renamed them for you as you played) but I have never used it.

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Hehe no of course you cant. The replay.rep is merely gta storing information that it then uses to 'play back' what happened ingame, ingame. It isnt any kind of movie file.

You'll need to capture it using fraps or somesuch. Check the relevant threads in the screens and movies section for details.

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