SD #16 021A - Missing anti-cheat component

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Update MTA

1. Install latest MTA update:

Remove virus:

1. Install Avast:

2. From Avast GUI: Scan->Scan for viruses->Boot-timeScan

3. Restart PC and wait for Avast to complete the scan

Repair Windows:

1. Start CMD as administrator

2. Enter command: sfc /scannow

(More help about this step from here: ... ws-7-vista)

Final solution:

If all else fails, the only fix is to re-install Windows.

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If command:  
sfc /scannow    failed

1- Then use this command:
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

2- After that run this command again:
sfc /scannow

More options after that:

1- Use Malwarebyte's & scan for malware
2- Restart PC (After scan for viruses)
3- Restart Router (Turn power OFF/ON)

Further options:
- Scan with the one of following rescue disks:
A. Kaspersky Rescue Disk :
B. Bitdefender Rescue Disk:

If this all fail do one of the following:
1- If you are Windows 10 user then do  Reset / Refresh your Windows 10
2- If you have any other Windows version then I suggest to backup all your files and do complete format and re-install Windows.

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