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looking for a gang to join


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lol,change skin of car is not cheatnis just fun,is just for stunt

This means you broke the EULA, also you have a cracked client which means you can mod files such as cars :?. The only way if it was not cheating is if blue was used but that is not out.

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  • MTA Team

VCP is a cop-themed gang (though we use all spawns).. we are one of the oldest gangs today. Although we are not a gigantic clan right now we still are trying to get back to being a big clan. So look in the topic for info and talk to jhxp, mad_boy, or me to ask how to join.

BTW, I need to lock this topic because these topics aren't supposed to be here. You can ask about gangs in their respective threads but don't go in every thread saying "can I join?" or something. Just look over them all. I won't nag on ya about making this topic though because I did it when I was a newbie long ago, thats how I joined VCP ;)

(ps I almost joined SM first just for a fun fact for all you old mta'ers)

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