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Myriad Islands!!!!

Guest Agent Orange

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  • MTA Team

Thanks for reminding me about that.. I wonder if they will ever finish it. Looks amazing.

/me notes it for free time.. maybe Spring Break :roll:

Sloth, is it really nicely modded? I know the whole community works together on it, it must be really nice. Wish I had sometime to play it now.

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basically the concept is that if you want to contribute to myriad, you pick an empty lot and build something. the ones that already exist are awesome, i particularly love odies stuff.

there are some really well done missions, some even have ingame cutscenes. go to the cop station and you can become a cop and arrest drunk drivers!

you should check it out,but remember


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  • MTA Team

Yea i really look forward to the day they complete this thing, IF they ever do. They wanted to do all new voices and EVERYTHING which is pretty intense. Basically it would no longer have any relation to VC.

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It will be converted to the GTASA engine somewhen during this year, from what illspirit has been telling me. The new urban and residential islands are coming together well last time I checked.

Oooh goodie goodie. Does this mean that Myriad Islands is moving to SA? Or just using its engine for VC? Also, will there be less crashes?

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i think its pretty amazing, what they did, its like what the rockstar team is doing now, which is making a sequel to the GTA series... This mod really deserves more attention.

If i were to bring one of my freinds from shcool over and tell them that i have the next GTA they would belive it... it would take them time to notice how small the map is becuase all u do when u get a new GTA is somehow end up going in circles...

im gonna do that... i like tricking ppl...

(edit: you n00bs dont even have the link on here http://www.myriadislands.com/ )

The only change they need is to have better modeled cars which they can pick off of any one of these gta modding websites... kinda what killer kip did... i'm sure that boosting up the limit ajuster wouldnt hurt any of our computers anyway//

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A preview of the two (huge) new islands has been released, download it here

And here's an install script for those who know how to use it:

; This is the install script for the BW Installer.

print Adding illnorth alpha
dir select add_to_img
IMG opendef
IMG delete illcom_c5_r1.dff
img addall
img close

dir create data\maps\illnorth
dir create data\maps\illres_Crater
dir create data\maps\illres_NE
dir create data\maps\illres_NW
dir create data\maps\illres_SE
dir create data\maps\illres_SW
dir create data\maps\illurb_NE
dir create data\maps\illurb_NW
dir create data\maps\illurb_SE
dir create data\maps\illurb_SW

copy maps\illnorth\illnorth.col to data\maps\illnorth\illnorth.col
copy maps\illnorth\illnorth.ide to data\maps\illnorth\illnorth.ide
copy maps\illnorth\illnorth.ipl to data\maps\illnorth\illnorth.ipl

copy maps\illres_Crater\illres_Crater.col to data\maps\illres_Crater\illres_Crater.col
copy maps\illres_Crater\illres_Crater.ide to data\maps\illres_Crater\illres_Crater.ide
copy maps\illres_Crater\illres_Crater.ipl to data\maps\illres_Crater\illres_Crater.ipl

copy maps\illres_NE\illres_NE.col to data\maps\illres_NE\illres_NE.col
copy maps\illres_NE\illres_NE.ide to data\maps\illres_NE\illres_NE.ide
copy maps\illres_NE\illres_NE.ipl to data\maps\illres_NE\illres_NE.ipl

copy maps\illres_NW\illres_NW.col to data\maps\illres_NW\illres_NW.col
copy maps\illres_NW\illres_NW.ide to data\maps\illres_NW\illres_NW.ide
copy maps\illres_NW\illres_NW.ipl to data\maps\illres_NW\illres_NW.ipl

copy maps\illres_SE\illres_SE.col to data\maps\illres_SE\illres_SE.col
copy maps\illres_SE\illres_SE.ide to data\maps\illres_SE\illres_SE.ide
copy maps\illres_SE\illres_SE.ipl to data\maps\illres_SE\illres_SE.ipl

copy maps\illres_SW\illres_SW.col to data\maps\illres_SW\illres_SW.col
copy maps\illres_SW\illres_SW.ide to data\maps\illres_SW\illres_SW.ide
copy maps\illres_SW\illres_SW.ipl to data\maps\illres_SW\illres_SW.ipl

copy maps\illurb_NE\illurb_NE.col to data\maps\illurb_NE\illurb_NE.col
copy maps\illurb_NE\illurb_NE.ide to data\maps\illurb_NE\illurb_NE.ide
copy maps\illurb_NE\illurb_NE.ipl to data\maps\illurb_NE\illurb_NE.ipl

copy maps\illurb_NW\illurb_NW.col to data\maps\illurb_NW\illurb_NW.col
copy maps\illurb_NW\illurb_NW.ide to data\maps\illurb_NW\illurb_NW.ide
copy maps\illurb_NW\illurb_NW.ipl to data\maps\illurb_NW\illurb_NW.ipl

copy maps\illurb_SE\illurb_SE.col to data\maps\illurb_SE\illurb_SE.col
copy maps\illurb_SE\illurb_SE.ide to data\maps\illurb_SE\illurb_SE.ide
copy maps\illurb_SE\illurb_SE.ipl to data\maps\illurb_SE\illurb_SE.ipl

copy maps\illurb_SW\illurb_SW.col to data\maps\illurb_SW\illurb_SW.col
copy maps\illurb_SW\illurb_SW.ide to data\maps\illurb_SW\illurb_SW.ide
copy maps\illurb_SW\illurb_SW.ipl to data\maps\illurb_SW\illurb_SW.ipl

col open data\maps\illcomNE\illcomNE.col
col delete illcom_c5_r1
col addfile illcom_c5_r1.col
col close

gta_vc.dat open
gta_vc.dat add IDE data\maps\illnorth\illnorth.ide
gta_vc.dat add IDE data\maps\illres_Crater\illres_Crater.ide
gta_vc.dat add IDE data\maps\illres_NE\illres_NE.ide
gta_vc.dat add IDE data\maps\illres_NW\illres_NW.ide
gta_vc.dat add IDE data\maps\illres_SE\illres_SE.ide
gta_vc.dat add IDE data\maps\illres_SW\illres_SW.ide
gta_vc.dat add IDE data\maps\illurb_NE\illurb_NE.ide
gta_vc.dat add IDE data\maps\illurb_NW\illurb_NW.ide
gta_vc.dat add IDE data\maps\illurb_SE\illurb_SE.ide
gta_vc.dat add IDE data\maps\illurb_SW\illurb_SW.ide

gta_vc.dat add COLFILE 0 data\maps\illnorth\illnorth.col
gta_vc.dat add COLFILE 0 data\maps\illres_Crater\illres_Crater.col
gta_vc.dat add COLFILE 0 data\maps\illres_NE\illres_NE.col
gta_vc.dat add COLFILE 0 data\maps\illres_NW\illres_NW.col
gta_vc.dat add COLFILE 0 data\maps\illres_SE\illres_SE.col
gta_vc.dat add COLFILE 0 data\maps\illres_SW\illres_SW.col
gta_vc.dat add COLFILE 0 data\maps\illurb_NE\illurb_NE.col
gta_vc.dat add COLFILE 0 data\maps\illurb_NW\illurb_NW.col
gta_vc.dat add COLFILE 0 data\maps\illurb_SE\illurb_SE.col
gta_vc.dat add COLFILE 0 data\maps\illurb_SW\illurb_SW.col

gta_vc.dat add IPL data\maps\illnorth\illnorth.ipl
gta_vc.dat add IPL data\maps\illres_Crater\illres_Crater.ipl
gta_vc.dat add IPL data\maps\illres_NE\illres_NE.ipl
gta_vc.dat add IPL data\maps\illres_NW\illres_NW.ipl
gta_vc.dat add IPL data\maps\illres_SE\illres_SE.ipl
gta_vc.dat add IPL data\maps\illres_SW\illres_SW.ipl
gta_vc.dat add IPL data\maps\illurb_NE\illurb_NE.ipl
gta_vc.dat add IPL data\maps\illurb_NW\illurb_NW.ipl
gta_vc.dat add IPL data\maps\illurb_SE\illurb_SE.ipl
gta_vc.dat add IPL data\maps\illurb_SW\illurb_SW.ipl
gta_vc.dat close

print In \data\maps\streetlights.ipl find and delete (or disable) the following line:
print 351, lamppost3, 0, 464.7, -514.2, 18.1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0.694658, -0.71934
print Install finished, use LimitAdjuster to check and correct the map object limits

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