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Modified version of MTA Client. Help please!!!

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every time I want to play MTA, it says, Modified version of MTA Client. Please reinstall. So I reinstall about 20 times and same thing comes up. also it cant find a path for gta-vc.exe. if someone can tell me the name of the MTA program u downloaded or tell me what to do to fix it, then tell me please.

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It's must likely your Vice City game that has some mod left in it, remember to use a clean copy.

The MTA:0.5 client can be found here

Just guide the client to your gta-vc.exe when your done installing over a fresh VC install.

The default path is: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\gta-vc.exe

also the client might say that the exe is invalid the first time you run it, just click again and it should accept the exe.

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