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My 2 (small) mods

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Hi ppl, im new in this forum :D

Ok i'm gona for the point.

I've made some weapon mods ages ago for GTA 3 (attention Brazil ppl can't download them, my server got some problems with your system):

Weapon Mod for noobs, the weapons dont make or take damage (except the hely from the coppers) your only way to kill our get killed is by using your own hands: http://gta3fans.com.sapo.pt/death_meat_WeaponMod1.zip

Weapon Mod 2, only for PROS weapons kill you almost with 1 shot, only a PRO can survive with it, with this you can "kill" lots of cars with 1 shot so you can't pass trough some gang arias (like Yakuza/Mafia & Triads or you be like flying gibs) (ok i forgot to say this, when you use a grenade/coktail molotov stay really far away becose you'll get hit be the shock waves of the explosions & you may evan die): http://gta3fans.com.sapo.pt/death_meat_WeaponMod2.zip

now i got a question, i'm a small modder i dont know very much of coding but for those that are very good with it can you guys tell me or make one mod so we can drive thr trains like in GTA 1 ?

(i got other mods but this ones are the only ones for GTA3 & are the easiest mods i made, i got lots of them at http://www.ut2003hq.com | http://www.ut2003files.com there i got good mutators and some avarange mods)

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pro mod... hmm.... Blowing cars up with one shot doesnt seem to realistic =( - and its hard enough going through mafia teritory without oneshot kills =P

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Well it kind of forces you to work through the missions. And would it not seem realistic that if you blew up a gang leader that the rest of the gang might want to kill you?

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who said i wanted realistc mods? i just made fun mods, well the 2º weapon mod is much more like a chalange mod, for those that are always being killed i said that the best way is using my 1º weapon mod, for those that think they're really good, just try to pass the game with my 2º weapons mod

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