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moving bridge synched?

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If its not synced could you make it so its allways in one position (doesent move) preferebly down.

Probably, I haven't tested it. I think that Portland and Staunton are big enough for 32 players. Ofcourse this needs testing, but it isn't much fun if you have to spend 3 minutes finding someone to tag.

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I think with 32 players and high speed you will find peeps fast. We played Carmageddon at only 8 people in the it's big maps years ago and we found each other pretty fast.

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I think it's very important that game time is synched, not least for my Liberty City Street Race mods (plug, plug :wink: ).

There may be a problem though with badly mismatched PC speeds?

e.g. A PIII 500 128MB RAM struggling along at about 15fps vs. a top of the range Athlon constantly trying to beat the frame limiter..

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