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TheSmart - most of the ped models have only 1 texture, also You might replace textures per entity (eg. localPlayer, or any other player, ped)


local texture = dxCreateTexture("textrue.png",dxt1) 
local shader = dxCreateShader("replace.fx",0,0,false,"ped") 


texture sTexreplace; 
technique replaceTexture 
 pass P0 
  Texture[0] = sTexreplace; 

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that should work? but it not working no error in debugscript 3

function applyShader ( ) 
    local shader = dxCreateShader ( "shader.fx" ); -- creating shader 
    local texture = dxCreateTexture ( "test.png" ); -- creating texture from image 
    if ( shader and texture ) then -- checking if everything is okay 
        dxSetShaderValue ( shader, "Tex0", texture ); -- applying texture to shader 
        setElementModel ( localPlayer, 1 ); -- setting skin to player 
        engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shader, "*", localPlayer ); -- applying shader  for player who used command 
addCommandHandler ( "shader", applyShader ); -- creating command /shader to applyShader function. 

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