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Regarding aas actions


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ok i think that =AA= has hit the last straw, and i want to see something done. theyv crossed so many lines so many times and walked away with it that its gotten old

with that said

they hacked kfcs forums, deleted everything, luckily kfc had a backup forums were restored... ok thats time number one

they hacked into the partyserver and banned everyone from it, and did fuck knows what else to that server... ok thats time number two

theyv hacked into kfcs teamspeak and banned everyone deleted everything etc... ok thats time number three

they repeated those offenses numerous times, who the fuck knows how many. il just be light and say that from now on wel start at time number ten

they hacked our teamspeak just now, and put pwned by aa as the topic title etc, then edited out thier name and left. yet all accounts are deleted etc. thats time number 10

they got quigs msn, they started talking shit to me thru it. ok thats time number 11

they just now hacked the mtavc gang forums, they deleted/hid the subsections and removed the admins im sure. thats time number 12

on several other occasions theyv hacked into our teamspeak and fucked shit up


this is the last time im being political with these fucks

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hang on... what did we do now? i went to bed around 11:30 and so did basically all my members... we are in usa mainly and most of us are in school...

first off i did see the forums, and whoever did this doesn't have bad taste, excellent execution i'd say, but still is lacking

lol, moving on where is your proof that aa did thsi gary? dont go blaming until u have solid ass proof dude, cuz i was 100% not behind this, and have no clue whats going on, i admit, me and sergio were the masterminds behind fucking kfc forum, but this i had nothing to do with

so tell me, how do you know its "aa" or are you just blaming us because you just want someone to look down on?

gary, ur an ass, remember when u blamed me for u gettign baned in ur ts and it was actually gunny? ur too quick too judge and take the game way too seriously, find out who it was that was on quigs account, get his ip, give it to me and i can go from there, but def. do not just ACCUSE people when u have absolutely no proof

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ps i think we are definately being setup here... when me and sergio fucked the kfc forum we didnt put ANYTHING about aa, thats not our style

its pretty obvious that someone else did it and is using our clans name to make us look bad, and all u thick headed retards are falling for it

once we find out its not =AA= im going to EXPECT a formal apology from EACH and EVERY one of u nubs, than i will repeatedly pwn u in game

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hang on... what did we do now? i went to bed around 11:30 and so did basically all my members...

They sleep together?

That's a tight gang

Regardless of what you all do I have already banned anyone AA from anything I can control. I wanted the same from others but they wouldn't.

MrBump said something about wojjie doing something since they hosed our wojjie hosted forum.. I haven't heard anything.

I don't believe liars when they swear they are telling the truth... even so with what he admitted already after what I did for him it's enough.

AA member that are not





Can leave AA and get unshuned by me at least.

I won't lose sleep over it either way thou... *yawn*

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wheelkid is the gayest fucking piece of donkey shit that this forum has had the displeasure of having register.

theres a fucking new definition of retarded defined by his fag0try ,i hope he gets hit by a fucking egg truck and dies.

He is one serious fucking sadact and attention seeks more than doon.

Pos bastard should get a fn hobby

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ok wheelman, lets pretend that i was an idiot and i didnt think you/aa did this.

REGARDLESS, you guys have done it countless other times, and admited to it. and im tired of it.

i shouldnt have to worry about whether my version of php is .6 or .10 for fear of being hacked. i should be worried about when the next gangwar is. but since your insistant on hacking forums etc im putting this down on you

you got owned, and now your ignored

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