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Oh well, since someone started this topic up I might as well add my two cents.

GTA:C is a mod in progress, aimed at GTA:VC and the GTA:LC mod multiplayer, id tell you some features, but most stuff is still indefinite, and we'll be releasing feature lists on our site first. The team has grown immensely, and is now about 10 or more team members. The site is still unfinished by the way, so dont go complaining about its lack of information, ill simply ignore you.

Still, at the current rate of progress, the first tests should be taking place in a few weeks. Flame this topic if you want, ill ignore you, since I dont come here often anyways.




GTA: Connection.

EDIT: Note, VMP is long gone, come on people, you should leave this realm once in a while just to check up on the real world and the competition.

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Aye, deathmatch will be on the plate, but we plan on spending a lotta time on some co-operative game modes, hopefully being able to sync some of the games AI things and create multiplayer versions of some missions etc.

an MTA clone would be a dissapointment.

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We don't go to your house and take a dump in your closet. So please, if you're going to make derogatory comments in an effort to promote yourselves, keep them off our message boards. Good luck on your mod. It is about time someone has challeneged our 0.4 series.



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No offence was intended by my comment, not so sure about xanni's though. I meant it though, theres no point in having two clone mods, thats my point, so the more different we can make it, the better in my eyes, so im open to suggestions.

Thanks anyways slush, 0.4 looks like its gona be difficult to challenge.

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i was full of sarcasm there... anyways , good luck on GTAC Smithers. And good luck on MTA MTA team. GtaT is dead...

GtaT keeps tryin to work slowly, but we all know it's really dead. He screwed up in development, and now it's messed. But GTA:C isn't going to be like that, trust me.

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I had to post aswell. :P

Well, I have to agree theres going to be some competition with MTA: Blue. This mod has a different aim than what VMP/MTA did/has. We're not trying to copy/reproduce MTA, but we want to make something different. We think, that having choices between mods is good, and Im sure you guys will agree to that too... As you may know variety is good. Before you start flaming/all that good stuff, want until you see some movies/screens.

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Good luck GTA:C Team hope it gose well

also i hope there will be a release soon...waiting for MTA:Blue is just too much :?

Ye , Im also waiting for too much , GTA : SA , MTA Blue , GTA C , halo 2.

Cant wait until the day we can all play em ..

then u wont be satisfied, because u will be w8ing for something after those :P, like MTA: SA

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So dont go posting when you know nothing about gtac.

If people know nothing about GTA:C, shouldn't you be telling them about it? I've never had a problem with MTA, so I've never gone searching for alternatives (and hence never visited your site, but it appears to be down at the moment anyway). I find it strange that in a thread dedicated to GTA:C, very little has actually been said about it.

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Well maybe im not the best to tell u about gtac, but i will describe what has been done and what we are aming for.

GTAC so far we are working on the netcode and we have managed to make extremely small data packets. The direct x hooking is currently in progress, we are doing alot of memory hacking and have found ways to inject scm code into vice on the fly, and control vice alot better.

I cannot say much more because the rest is just for the team to know until we are ready to release more info.

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