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Access denied @ 'startResource'


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So I want to start a resource from a script but I keep getting the Access denied @ 'startResource' message. I've searched for this all over and haven't found the answer. Some said that I needed to add into the Admin group of acl but as soon as I add anything to acl it gets removed by itself.

Any ideas?

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This error is happening because the resource doesn't have the acces to the right 'startResource' , you need to do the following to fix it.

1. Enter in your server and login in your account ( Don't forget , you need to be admin )

2. Open the admin panel ( key: P )

3. Open the tab 'Resources' and click on 'MANAGE ACL' on right side

4. Click on a group which have the acces to the right 'startResource' ( Example: Admin or Console )

5. Click on 'Add object' and type: resource.THE_NAME_OF_YOUR_RESOURCE_WHICH_NEED_THE_ACCES

Example: ( resource.webpanel )

If you don't understand me , i would like to recommend you the Acces Control List page on MTA wiki which contain everything what you need to know to solve this problem , https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/ACL

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