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If it is possible to make a MP mod for VC we will need a name. For the moment out team has come up with 2 different names.

MTA:VC well, no need to explain this name i think. Easy to remember and tells u what to do.

VC:CU or Vice City : Crime Unit. This name can be interpreted in 2 ways:

:arrow: A crime unit from the police to stop the crime wave.

:arrow: A cell from the mafia who commits crime in Vice City

If new names come up we will reset the poll

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MTA:VC to me seems to be the more distinctive of choices. If both mods are going to be hosted on the same site it might be an idea to keep the standardization in naming so as to avoid confusion in the fan base that resides not only within the site but outisde too.

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I agree with Zantei. Might as well keep it similar.

However, naming it MTA:VC will seem as if it's the MTA for a GTA that's just modded to VC or something (if you know what I mean). So if you're going with VC:CU, u should also have something like GTA:CU or something...

I reckon the "MTA" should stay though. So perhaps:

- MTA3 v0.3b


- MTA:VC v*.*

Anyway, we'll see how this poll goes eh? :D

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GTA3: Multi Theft Auto and Multi Theft Auto:Vice City were always good names. But im sure if something better comes up it will be used =)

Although, if a single mod was able to work with both, the do could just be called multi theft auto for gta or something, with no need to distinguish between gta3 and vice.

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