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                elseif file == "maccer.dff" then 
                    dff = engineLoadDFF ( "maccer.dff", 0 ) 
                    engineReplaceModel ( dff, 2 ) 
                elseif file == "leonre64.dff" then 
                    dff = engineLoadDFF ( "leonre64.dff", 0 ) 
                    engineReplaceModel( dff , 1 ) 

Bad usage @ 'engineReplaceModel' [Model ID 1 replace failed ] line: 6

Bad usage @ 'engineReplaceModel' [Model ID 2 replace failed ] line: 3

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Most of the dff require a txd to work.

DFF = the collision

TXD = the paint.

(not effects, since they use image data from the "effect" itself)

You can replace the txd(correct txd for this model) of an element without dff. But you can't replace dff without txd, because he doesn't know what color the element parts will be.

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TXD is replaced first. I made the mod downloader but this only the problem.

See the table how it downloads

files = { 
    { "bus.txd" }, 
    { "bus.dff" }, 
    { 'maccer.txd' }, 
    { 'maccer.dff' }, 
    { "leonre64.txd" }, 
    { "leonre64.dff" } 

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