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Does anyone know if the new GTA4 will come with online

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of course it will eventually, because they know it will sell like mad on both pc and xbox, if not as well on ps2, it will sell more than enough for considerable profit.

As for a release on all 3 at the same time, no, it's exsclusive for a little while at least I hear

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Its exclusive for a max of 6 months and then copies for PC are made, then XBOX slightly later. It gets sold on XBOX last coz its Sony's greatest competitor and It wants XBOX owners to Suffer :P

If you were brainy and bought a PS2, you'd have it 6 months before any bastard else. I'm buying it for PS2 when it comes out in October and for PC later to await the release of MTA: SA... w00t!

R* know about MTA... they see its not making a profit out of thier product and thier fine with it. No point making it your self if sum1 else is doing it for free... common sense :roll:

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i believe rockstar's contract with sony ends once they make sa (was a 3 game exculsivity deal)

SA wont be mp, they are building with existing technology and are using an updated graphics engine, so hopefulyl if you can run VC you should be able to run SA.

As for the xbox, i seriously doubt r* will do mp, but as for gta4, i have a feeling they will overhaul everything and include mp.

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Gta 4 will b dreadful on Ps2 GTA:VC was bad enuf taking 3 mins too load ( that is v. bad considering my pc takes 10 sec). Not saying it will b crap just painfully slowwwwwwwwwwww :cry: .

Offtopic but i wonder what minimum processer speed Gta 4 will need

I'm not sure if the PS2 will even be a contestable console when GTA4 is released, as a lot of developers are pushing their next-gen consoles. Plus, Rockstar may not choose to renew their contract with Sony after San Andreas.

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I don't know about GTA4, but it definately won't come for GTA: San Andreas.

But RockStar has also said, they *will* make multiplayer for GTA later. And they said they will make it so good, that it will be as revolutionary as GTA3 was. :wink:

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But RockStar has also said, they *will* make multiplayer for GTA later. And they said they will make it so good, that it will be as revolutionary as GTA3 was. :wink:

Yeah, but every company says that about their own products. I find it best to keep a neutral opinion until some lucky journalist manages to secure a playtest and give an unbiased opinion (well, less biased - I don't think there's such a thing as an unbiased third party).

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i hope to god that gta:sa dont have a multiplayer, there would be a influx of n00bs , cheaters and like 200 clans within the first days release :shock::roll:

Not to mention the impact that would have on MTA... For example:

When I was playing GTA:SA Multiplayer, there weren't this many bugs and all my shots were synced properly... What's wrong with this?!


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Remember they still have this contract with Sony which kinda forbids them to make a multiplayer mode if it doesn't work on the PlayStation 2 (which it doesn't). Anyways, if it would.. it would be a pain in the ass to port it to the PC, im sure.

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