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Setting Color to GUI Labels Table


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Hello, I've a table like this:

g_Window.labels = { 
      label1 = guiCreateLabel(20, 60, 80, 20, "All Teams", false, g_Window.tabPanel.tab1), 
      label2 = guiCreateLabel(20, 50, 30, 20, "Added Teams", false, g_Window.tabPanel.tab1) 

Then I use this function to color them

function toColorLabels() 
    for _, theLabel in ipairs(g_Window.labels) do 
        guiLabelSetColor(theLabel, 226, 172, 42) 

But it wasn't not working..

Then I changed the for loop to: for _,theLabel in pairs(g_Window.labels) (Notice I changed 'ipairs' to 'pairs')

And then it worked.

What's the difference between ipairs and pairs?


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You can use pairs() with any table, but ipairs with indexed-table (=array), that is, where keys are: 1,2,3,4,...

g_Window.labels is a key-value table, because it has keys: "label1", "label2" instead of 1,2; so you need to use pairs in that case.

Why ipairs is even needed? ipairs iterates in the same order as the indexes advance, but pairs doesn't care about order.

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