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Sorry if it's been suggested, but how about a bases mode?

Have different bases like the malibu, the mansion, the ice cream place, etc... and each character can take over bases, then you can go and take over other peoples bases etc. Say for example you have 3 pink ring thingies (like in the pizza place) that you stand in to take over the building :D

Sorry if I didn't explain it well, it's 5:30am... need sleep

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aren't you guys just talking about domination? (UT)

I much prefer Double Domination (introduced in 2k3), as it adds a lot more tension to the game. Instead of traditional Domination (in which each base held increments your score), you must hold all bases for a certain amount of time in order to score a point. This is very tense because the other team have to disrupt it before the counter reaches zero.

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