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MTA auto ban script

Guest napiharlows

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Is there a auto ban script for mta:ma.

Like if they enter the server with a name they get banned. Cause im getting perty sick of people changing there ips.

If so how does it work. and what is the script.

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This question sould be posted under MTAMA scripting but who cares!

1. Create a file called 'shitlist.txt' and put it in the main directory of mIRC.

2. Put all your forbidden names in that file.


  • Aeron

3. Put this code under 'alias mta.join'

  if ($read(shitlist.txt,w,$mta.name($1,$2))) {
   mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) Reason: Shit-listed
   mta.ban $1 $2

4. Edit the text in the code if you like a own message.

5. Done!

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