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Car Modding Tutorial

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Hi peeps.

Just a quickie.. can anyone point me to a good tutorial for modding cars in VC?

I already do low poly 3D modelling and texturing in 3D studio Max, but I am now pushing myself into the area of modding, and I think VC will be a good place to start.

Thanks in advance (arn't I polite?)

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http://nd4spd.ngz-network.de/engine.php ... 4&fid=1011

^thats a tut for zmodeler, thats the one i started with, was kinda complicated in english but actually its pretty easy when you got the basics and know how it works

im not sure but i thought i saw an export script for 3ds somewhere maybe check http://gtaforums.com

maybe someday ill switch to max, since it has some sickass render effects... :) but for gta zmod is ok

if you have any questions or problems just drop me a line on msn or on irc

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sorry if i am bumping this topic, but as for car modding maybe i could help, depending on what u wanna do, here goes a free-be,

for a tornado packer (spins in a complete circle) run steering lock at around 90 to 95, awesome for smashing pedestrians :lol:

also around 15000 max speed helps too, if u really wanna SMASH :twisted:

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