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Hello. i am new to this community. i belong to SA-MP Community but now i am thinking to migrate to MTA. as a player. Any suggestions and hints how do i get started with it?

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I think that Roleplay servers are better than Freeroam or race. I suggest you to come to: Everest Community. But before you go, You need to learn PowerGaming, MetaGaming and Revenge Killing which are some of the RP Terms.

Some basic terms in Roleplay!

Roleplay? Whats that?!

Roleplay is a somewhat virutal life where you can create a character and act as you would in real life. You must roleplay as realistic as possible. You can be anything from a poor gangbanger that is addicted to heroin to an ruthless mobster, a police officer, a judge, a taxi driver and more! The list goes on and on and if you can think if it, you can do it. It's your choice! Let your imagination run wild when creating a character. This MTA server in particular is a high standard roleplay server. You give your character has its own personality that YOU create and you can make him or her their own special features!

If you are new to the RP life in general you can read some guides on the forum as well as asking players and even admins for help with roleplaying. Most admins and gamemasters are glad to help out new players!!

Metagaming? What is that?!

Well, Metagaming is When you use out of Character knowledge and decide to use it in Character. Some examples of Metagaming would be if a player private messages you his location and you actually go to him, acting on the metagame IC. Another example of metagaming would be if you know information such as a gun stash on one character and you then decide to roleplay as if another one of your characters knows where the gun stash is. Another common example is reading a players name tag above their head and saying it in character. You must find out names from in character situations. If you break this rule you can be facing a long jail time and or a ban!

Powergaming? I don't know what that means!

Powergaming is a term used to describe a character's action that is unrealistic as well as not giving players time to roleplay in a situation. You must give time for players to write up a /me when roleplaying against them. The /me also must be reasonable. You MUST have a reason behind the /me. You can not just spam /me dodges the punch as it is powergaming and your character isn't super fast. You can only have your characters actions reflect upon real life. A person in real life can not break free of hand cuffs unless they are extreme body builders with near super human strength so most characters in the server would not be able to break free from them. It is powergaming if you do. A person in real life can not fly as well. You can't make a /me saying "/me flys away ". It's powergaming and if you actually do fly away...Well, you will be punished more severely than just the powergaming offense. If you are caught powergaming the administrator will usually give you a heads up but it you can also be jailed or warning and sometimes a ban.

Revenge Killing? What not do when killed..

Revenge killing is when you are killed by another player and decide your are going to go after the player that killed you. When you are killed you can not go back to the situation and attack the player. Also if you are hospitalized you must role play memory loss and you would not remember who attacked you or what even happend. Dieng like this is a PK (player kill) and you must RP it as such. If you are caught breaking this rule you can be jailed, warned, and even banned!

Common Sense...

Use common sense at all times, this rule should go hand in hand with everything you do in the server.

For example, if you have a problem with a man refusing to pay you $10,000, your first action should probably be a warning, followed up with a beating, then a severe beating and only then should you consider murdering them. Common sense factors into this because you don't want to murder someone because of police and other repercussions such as you not being able to get your money back in the first place. Be realistic about your role play by using common sense If you end up roleplaying a character lacking common sense it could lead to a kick, warn, and even a temporary ban!

Character Kill(ing) and Player Kill(ing), what are they?

Character killing is the most uncommon way someone is killed in game and is used only in situations where it's needed. When you are killed from a CK, it's permenant and the only way to get your stuff back is from a stats transfer. You may get a stats transfer by donating. When when you are killed from a PK, it's RP'd as you having severe injuries and haivng memmory loss. You pass out and a paramedic RPly takes you to the hospital. After that, RP your injuries accordingly. You need a good reason for a PK and the person getting PK'd not only loses their memmory from the killing, but all events leading up to it.

If you wish to CK someone, you must send a message on the forums to a lead admin, a head admin, or the server owner as to why you want to character kill someone permenantly. You must include proof and have a legitamit reason.

---I hope this will help you.

Best regards,

GameMaster Team, Everest Community(Roleplay). Jake Johnson (Bilal) (Alvin).

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Try out a multi-gamemode server like CIT. They always help you.

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