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MTA0.4 Dev Movie (18/04/2004 @ 05:23 CET) by MrBump


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it looks great and there seems to be no lag at all, but that can be the perception or just because of the low number of players. and i see that the baseball bat is working fine (in mta:vc it isn't) which I am very happy with :P

keep up the good work guys.


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Strange,it doesn't open..

(Tryed on winamp and media player).

I find quite often that it's best to right-click it and save it to the hard disk and then run it from there.

Edit: Btw, it wouldn't work in Winamp because:

1. It's a MS-exclusive format (as far as I'm aware)

2. Winamp only plays audio

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and i see that the baseball bat is working fine (in mta:vc it isn't)

Sure it is! I use it all the time. People dislike Mr. Baseball Bat sometimes and I get to chuckle

Also, while I'm in here.. We don't KNOW if aiming is working quite right (At least from an up/down perspective) We saw Trx shooting at Kent, but she never took any damage from those pistol shots till she was on the ground. If you'll remember, in MTA: VC, you look like you're shooting up at that chopper, but everyone else is watching you shoot trees and your teammates who are standing on the road

AND... She jumped off the railway and didn't take damage when she fell! HACK!!! BAN HER BAN HER!

I mean um...

Looks great folks! Very smooth, very fluid. I'm impressed =) Still concerned about the amount of spawn warring that's going to happen with the new GTA III MTA, but I suppose I'll have to deal.

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