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important/needed suggestions for future mta releases


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As it stands when the game crashes I usually have to press the esp key 2-3 times to get the microsoft error reporting dialog, sometimes I accidently press it an extra time and since esp is the disconnect key on the MTA client this ends up with me crashing accidently disconnecting my MTA and losing my kill count, this is a highly annoying thing, please don't link the esp key with the disconnect.

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Oh, when it crashes on mine, I Alt + Tab back to the MTA client. I can then see the error message in the taskbar and can click on it. I click Ok on the box and VC exits and comes up with the Microsoft error reporting thingy, which I usually send anyway, even though it makes no difference. After that, I'm free to click Start Game again and it works perfectly.

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Right-click My Comp -> Properties -> Advanced -> Error Reporting -> "Disable Error Reporting"...


Danger Will Robinson, this thread is drifting way off topic! Delete posts as necessary. :/

Edit: Rehost your avatar somewhere else too. Red x's are so last year :P.

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Nah, I never disable error reporting. My theory is that if I keep reporting errors, after the 3 millionth one they might "look into it".

yes i do the same so micrsofot can ( well i think) clear the errors up in their service packs! :lol:

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thanks for the suggestion and I knew about disabling error reporting I was just saying what if I want to run it, I didn't know return would work for it, but I think since "disconnect" is highlighted return would also disconnect you if you pressed an extra time, or wouldn't it?

on the mouse sensitivity issue, if we can't have the client force the value through the gui, how about a command for it, example /sensitivity #. & while we're at it how about the same for sfx, music & mp3 boost values. so eventually all legit reasons for pausing can be taken care of through the client/chatbar enabling us to get rid of pausing as it would no longer be needed for a valid reason in MTA

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Where can I find those commands ?

And antother thing i like to see in MTA4 is Passanger support.. Its already there but u cant get into a burito(or whatever that gang van is called) more than 2 ppl. and some others vehicles too

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yes u can , you can get 4 people in the burrito the swat van and who knows which other vans ( dont remember them all) , you just have to know where to press home,easiest way is to get 2 peopel in front then go to the passenger door and press home youolll character should walk to the back and get in.

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I know that you have talked about cpu controlled traffic in mta and the problem was the bandwidth.. Well I don't know if it's stupid but I've got an ideia:

What about programming new traffic (not like the random ones in normal gta) to make always the same course in the same time, this way all that you would need was to sync all clients to the same time... Is this possible? :? (sorry about my bad english)

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Good suggestion about the new path's for cars and ped's that might be a solution to the issue in the future.

Now what I want is when the chatbox is open the purple arrow displays above your head, so you know who is typing and who isn't therefor us polite pro type players can avoid type killing each other.

How about it buddies?

Oh and I noticed yes the drop weapon idea has it's downsides, but I was thinking more along the lines of a normal pickup's ammo instead of what you had when you "drop" it, since it would give a normal pickup value no whoring it up with your friends, of course that leads to the problem of accidently dropping weapons, which can be remedied by allowing the player dropping to also then pick up his own weapon, but that defeats the purpose of "giving" a teamate your weapon... hmm I'll think of this more later =)

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- Slight map changes to the city: both ladders that are lowered after completing the G-Spotlight SP mission should be available, Hyman Condo and VCN building elevators enabled, interior of the Greasy Chopper added (if possible, cause I think there's a reason for the lack of that; if not, close it down completely).

- Stunt stats available in DM as well (said it before, but just to add it to the sum).

- Some SM ramps need a little tweaking, like the one facing south on the west isle highway just north of the bridge to Leaf Links. Overall the stunt serv setup needs another glance IMO (maybe add a few more?).

- The yellow Rancher spawning just south of the North Point Mall, is after all problematic - much like the Tec-9 north of the east of the twin little bridges inside the golf course - in the sense that after blown up, its "destroyed" model doesn't disappear and new ones keep spawning above the wreckage. I haven't found a similar problem with any other vehicle, but this one needs to be replaced IMO.

- MOTD reappearance in the same client-server session blocking ability. Some servers have a huge page with rules, mottos, general info and god knows what else thrown in there (all in caps of course) which stay there for a good few seconds. After the 1st time reading them, there isn't really a point in all that cluttering up of our screens. I don't know if this is rightly a client or a server suggestion, as it could possibly be implemented either way, but I think it'd help some.

- Have players exit the bloodring slightly elsewhere from where they enter it. This one's especially frustrating when all the B.Bangers are gone and you have to run across the whole stadium to get out, only to find yourself inside again cause of minimal inertia. Offices elevator is a kinda similar case as well :/

- I think there are some 2 seater vehicles which ATM can't accept a passenger even when they try to get in from everywhere around them with Home. I'm not 100% sure on this one, but if so, it needs fixing.

- Lose the Baggage Carrier on top of the WK Chariot hotel if possible; it's eating up one vehicle place. Lose the Sandking as well, cause it's the suckiest, most over-tipping car ever. Instead, place another car close to the Pole Position club and/or one more chopper by the helipad SW of that. If not, a PCJ around those territories would be most welcome even.

- If the above heli placement suggestion makes attaining the SPAS easy, pretty please change its location to where the current M4 pickup on the pipe at the center of the 4 fuel towers east of the airport is, or some other undisclosed location. In fact, plz do that anyway :twisted:.

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^ For the spaz, I think it would be nice to give it more ammo, but lay it south of the islands in the middle of them. There, you can find a few platforms on stilts, and there is a certain one where you can only land by landing nearly perfectly on one spot with a helicopter.

Or, put it some where like on that debris floating in the stream @ leaf links. Then it would be harder to locate with all the identical land around, and again, gotta land perfect w/heli.

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yes u can , you can get 4 people in the burrito the swat van and who knows which other vans ( dont remember them all) , you just have to know where to press home,easiest way is to get 2 peopel in front then go to the passenger door and press home youolll character should walk to the back and get in.

What about Bus ?

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i think there should be more of a gameplay element to mta now i thinmk mta have laid the foundations for "proper" gamemodes to be implemented in futre releases (and i dont just mean the mirc script that u have made)!

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working pay n' spray

working ammunations

bots (if possible)

race imunity for team deathmatch(mexians cant kill mexicans, etc.)

and lastly, ability mod cars on stunt. really who is it hurting? it is stunt.

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I havn't read this thread so sorry if i am suggesting something that has been said

I suggest team game mode.. As it would be a hell of alot more fun then free for all.... sort of like gang wars ...

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