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Interesting problem I'm having...


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Alright, this has happened to me 3 times already today. It's happened to me several times before, so I finally decided to ask about it.

Basically what happens is my keyboard stops working in game. I alt-tab out, and discover that my client stopped recording messages a very long time ago. I mean, the most current message shown is probably 10 minutes old. Once I get GTA closed, I try clicking start game. Then, I get an error saying the CRC check found that my mta.scm file had been edited and told me to reinstall. If I open up a new client I can start the game again, but losing my kills gets annoying. (I've lost over 50 kills several times because of this). Is anyone else having this problem?

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Yeah I know... I've been trying to get it all figured out. Also, my lag problem is one of the main aspects of my 'no teaming' decision.

Anyway, I'm ok if you're just joking around with me. But If you start becoming a sexist ass that wont stop harrassing me thats when I might just get a tad pissed.


Back to the original topic, I really didn't expect anyone to have this same problem. Meh.

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