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Mayb you can make a gang option in it.

so you get a map and you login you are in youre own place with ya own cars etc etc.. and youre crew mates also spawn at the same house.

but you need to buy that house.

so its not like i go get that house no.. you have together 1 account only the crew leader can buy a house and the members have a limit of 1000 a day or something .. so you really need to kill to make money..

and the function that you can choose to be a hitman or assasin.

like when you first play VC youre a rookie but you can make youre status higher by killing and do assignemnts for other crews to kill someone out the gang and shit.. and you can go undercover @ a other Crew

greetz Delayed

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This has been suggested in many forms before.

These kind of suggestions will not be implemented in the near future (version wise), as the core is the main subject of development. Once that is stable, extras will be added.


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