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No Hack Idea


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hmm... usefull that...

but think about the 56k people. i mean, do they REALLY can d/l 600 kilo's (that is actually not much) everytime they join a server? i remember those happy days, when i waited 20 mins for downloading half a mega...

but asides from that, good idea! (maybe even an no-alt+tab thingy, just like in gunbound)

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no... Because Everytime sumone joins and see's that ANYTHING is different in the file. It would download it again. If the hackers keep doing it then they have to wait! MUA HAHA!!! :D

Also... it could help getting newest version of mta. Like if u say had 0.2.2 and u went into a 0.3 server. It would update your files.

Dont ask me how i thought of these, i just got really pist at this fucking hacker yesterday! And i want him to die cuz hes like 9!!! (Dumb Ass Nubs Using Hacking, Cant Beat People The True & Honest Way)

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it would be an interesting idea, making the files server side, (not neccesarily the mta web server, but the host server itself) but there would be ways around it as well, and unfortunatly, the drawbacks probably outnumber the advantages.

but i'm no programmer, so my opinion doesnt weigh heavily there

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I was thinking maybe there should be a patch that you could download that would make sure someone wasn't making use of the hacks. And then the MTA server could just check and see if that file is installed into the proper directory. That wouldn't take near as long as downloading the files from in game. More time effeciant. Like just post the patch on this site and it's updates.

I hate hackers (lamers)

just don't make it where it would pick up the cracked exe's from fixing the game to play without a disc. I wouldn't be able to play. lol

I did by a copy but that was for the PS2 so don't start chewin me out.

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What about having something like Suprnova? As part of the upgrade, you'd also get a tiny add-on file which makes the whole sever a nice p2p.

If another player wants to join, then each player contributes a couple kilobytes... i.e. If the file was 600k, all the settings, etc, then if there are 6 players, each player contributes 100k.

Worked well in ST: Elite Force.

Secondly, how about something ST: Bridge Commander used? Just have a file checker, and if the files don't match, then don't let 'em in...

(Though I still see cheats on STBC.. so maybe not for the second one...)

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