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Blue Dragon movie (WORKING!!!)


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iight i watched it...and well....i didnt like it that much....i thought ur rez wuz HORRIBLE!!!.....and the intro in the beginning had no point bcuz there wasnt a story lyne...also i found it sum wut...kinda like SIN ACT 1.....which i am still waiting to so ACT 2 *COUGH*ANDY*COUGH* lol.....ne wayz over all i give it a 4.5/10....sorry man....maybe ur future vuds will be a lil betta 8)

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And now something about the vid: :)

I think the intro was it a bit too long and boring.

The editing was ok and the music was nice. Only the stunts were very bad.

Most of the stunt werent even landed. I think car stunting is nice, if u land very smooth (most arent that smooth).

U could take more time for your next vid (I could make all this in a couple of hours) :D

Editing: 5.5/10

Music 7.0/10

Stunt 2.5/10 (sorry) :cry:

Overal score 5/10

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Here's my oppinions Ryan:

-Intro was too long and boring.

-Your stunts were good, especially that grind on fire, on the roof of the hospital.

-Bdub sucks my left nutt.

-Chris (Blue Dragon)'s stunts were pretty nice.

-Editing wasnt anything special, but I know you dont have THAT much experience with Movie Maker, so it wasnt that bad.

-Songs were good.

Hopefuly me being in the next video will make up for the suckage bdub put these fine people through in this one. :)

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Can everyone tell me what u guys use for your movies? VDUB and Windows movie maker dont make a good combination for me. Is there any programs that allow you to add video, audio, and image files (like .bmp) togeather?

Back on topic.....

Nice video. that was cool how u did that grind with the bike


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