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Can mta users rhyme ?

Point Blank

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I took out all the seats and away I went

Its a right old Banger and the Chassis bent

Its got a great big Peace sign across the back

And most of the windows have been Painted black

The Windsheild cracked

Its a bugger to drive

It starts making Smoke over thirty five

Its a pyhcodelic nightmare with a million leaks

Its home sweet home to some rat arsed freak... that would be me.

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Im already at fugging school. Buisness Management, room 1, Berwickshire High School, Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland, UK, Europe, The World.

Usual stuff, now you can Pinpoint exactly where I am for the next... 25 mins.

Then I got down to the Hall to Host a PS2 comp with sum mates, missing History and Lunch, but playing Manhunt untill the kiddies come and then play GT3 (coz GT4 aint arrived in the post) with them and the winner gets £5... story of my life, sorry bout that, anyway, i'll finish the song:

Soon I was rollin through the mornin' fog

With my long haired homies and my one eyed dog

With the Trucks and the Cars and the Trailer Vans

All with thier horns blaring steely dans

Then the Word came through that we'd lost old Bill

Their all ganging up on the beggers hill

We Drove through happy valley seeking peace and love

With a large helicopter hanging up above

It wasn't that clear till we hit the feild

That there was 500 Rozzers armed with Riot Sheilds

They terrorised our homies and they wracked my head

Its a stone f**King miracle theres no one dead

They turned my ran-shackle home into a burning wreck

My one eyed Dog got a broken neck!

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Who's that dumpin' out that window hoo riding[Ransomm]

nobody survives when - I got my steel up

Throwing my shit up pulling the trigga

What the fuck you lookin' at, *****[whistle]

True blue when I bust -

Leavin' bodies hangin' like the tongue of my chucks

Chalk another one, homicidal in the G ride

I swear I'm killing every ***** standing outside

letting 'em have it with my double barrel sawed off

I'm smoking everybody *****, *******, and all

Stretch 'em out in broad daylight, ********* the witnesses

eyes big as golf balls from the funny cigarettes,

as the sun frowns on my forehead

I sweat murder, murder which makes me a walking dead man

man bringing more bad news than shlepp rock

when I bust shots,

Ransom keeps the hammer cocked

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lol i ma kick sommin again

when your the game and try to go agianst me

you find ur self dead cuz u gettin me bent g

you get done in battle like p.o.w m.i.a

i move like canadain forces green beret

dont think i am all nice cuz i am from the cold

leavin bodies numb ... story untold

i am leave the forum for u to rhyme on

cuz my girl put me on hold :P

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[Canibus No Airplay]

You got a gat *****, use it, go 'head pull it

Scientists got raw footage of me dodgin bullets

I walk the streets with heat, three biscuits

Out numberin ***** twin glocks with triplets

One more crazy line from it tell me what u think ?

I practice lyrical witchcraft on your bitch a*s

Make your hard drive crash to C colon backslash (C:/)

Go back to the roots and reprogram your wack a*s

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No Yin no Yang

The Machete man

A phycotic muther-******

Brother to the damned

Blood ice cold

Runs through the veins

Of the Machete man

His mind it drains

His blade it slices

As the Machete Man dices

A poor muther-******

Who's life was decisive

Blood ice cold

Runs through the veins

Of the Machete man

His mind it drains

The smile he wears

As his blade tears

Through one more muther-******

No remorse it bares

Blood ice cold

Runs through the veins

Of the Machete man

His mind it drains

A mask he boasts

As he spit roasts

You ya muther-******

All ya now is a Ghost

Blood ice cold

Runs through the veins

Of the Machete man

His mind it drains


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another one from me:

come get round

and listen to the sound

your respect level is deep

for money would fuck a sheep

why you wearing that stupid cap

you think you know about rap

just play the game

and dont be a shame

now you STFU i guess

i dont think you wanna mess

every gang asked you to join

you said you`ll do it for a coin

and now please go

youre not part of my show


still looking for someone who wants to take part in there :P:lol:

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another one i made up on the spot 8)

iight check it yo yo

wha wha wha what

ah shit na

yo i heard them call out our names , what part of the game

runnin up on an killin some noobs and try to gain fame

f*ck dat i'll come with the shotty and leak our ur brains

blap blap dats all u gonna hear den u gonna start winnin

"oh blanks cheating" na f**get just remarkble 2nd shot timming

"f*ck u and ur cheats blank" ni**a shut the f**k up befor i let some more

shells seap trough ur head,

i am just like u i get shot 2 or 3 times and i am dead

thats why i say life is dancin u gotta stay on ur toes make sure u dont get shot and filled wit dem holes

god knos how many times i gone and got killed impoved on my skill now its kill or be killed


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