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GREAT NEWS PEOPLE! Well, for me anyway

[KFC] El Burro

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On Friday I met this person, does Animation, gave me sum stuff for PC. I'll get to the point, she knows Mark Tennant, lead Animator for R* North (previously called DMA design and all heralded inventors of GTA) who are situated in Leith, not too far away from where I live. Coz I wanna go into Animation sooooo much, shes organising me a trip to R* North studio's.


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I don't like to brag on and on but this is summit I just have to share with everyone. I was gonna tell you when it was official, I still don't know if it is, but by the way it sounds, I think im in for a chance. The only thing is, she booting me in for the ANIMATION bit, I won't see any programmers to ask him if he could add this that and the next thing to thier latest project, the Animators mearly add walking styles, movement and stuff to do with cars... and I dunno if they come up with the characters too? We'll have to wait n' see, we'll, you'll have to wait im too exstatic even move at the moment. The woman still has to come back to my house for her Animation stuff this week... she gave me duff pirates with all the serial numbers missin.

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Ah, yes. The Signiture... nothing fancy, just alot of confusing words:

Neo: New

Marxist: Communist, Politcal Regimes in Cuba, China and N. Korea... except I go by the rules

Meglomamaniac: Serious craving for power :twisted:

Nuclear Weapons Crazed: Iv'e got a Nuclear bomb fetish... I was born with it!

Smeghead: Those of you who know ou great Brittish Sitcoms, will know this word is the word of choise in a Red Dwarf Arnold J. Rimmer insulting situation... including the words Goit, Mr Gazspacho, Goalpost head, Pus filled bubo, Trans Am wheel arched nostriled smeg with the innate lovability of an Itchy verruka... and all the rest.

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oh ok. That was a mixutre of words not connected with each other explaining what you are, I thought it was all one sentence trying explaining a communist regim. which made no sense.

The Tsar Bomba had no real strategic value, it would be more effective to drop a bunch of smaller bombs. It was just used as an intimidation tool. To prove the Soviet Union was a Nuclear threat.

But I take it you already knew that.

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As I sed, top of the List in things to do. I don't know when im going, she still hasn't got back to me. I'll be sooooo Hacked off if I can't. Might be summit to do with confidenciality about San Andreas if I don't... I proberly won't be allowed to mention the SA word! Games devolopers are very touchy about what Info they give away, especially if the game ain't gonna be on our shelves for 10 months yet!

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If she doesn't come back by 2nite, im gonna be peeved!!! Its almost a week and she still hasn't been back for her Animation stuff... no, I can't have doubts about it!! No doubts!! Damn, but its so hard not to have doubts! If this fails, expect me to hide for weeks. Then I want Mr Bill to lock this topic and encase it in concrete!!! I'd never want to see this topic again... then again, no doubts. Lets have No doubts! An update soon...

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Immigrants get the cheap housing and get set on fire in Glasgow. The whole of Castlemilk (bloody weird Glasweigians) is just high rise flats that could come down any minute now and are constantly attacked by Arsonists. So be warned:


Anyway, back to buisness. Mother says Vicky (that woman that knows Mark Tennant) sed that I wuz just to Phone her If I wanted to go to R*. Dammit, She never told me that! :roll:

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