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2nd video this time with out mods like u wanted

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alright heres my rating of your video. i watched it with a friend, and we were just laughing the entire time how you would cut out all the stunts that you could practically tell you didnt land. include the complete landings man. we know u didnt land all of those stunts ;)

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wtf we did ulead must of cut the video bits out im gona reedit it then


plus it woz our 1st time usin Ulead Video Studio

i use 2 use Windows Movie Maker and im a pro on it but i wanted 2 use sumffin much better :oops: but now im gona use ulead thanks 4 pointin it out 4 me :twisted:

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Yeah i liked it,but the most stunts are not landed. If you landed all the big spins, It would be a great movie.

And you put a vid 2 times in your vid!!(the one at the mansion):shock:

but it is good that you didn't used any mods

I would give the stunts a 7/10

The music a 8.5/10

And the editing a 7.5/10

So overall I would give it a 7.8/10

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