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I Think U Should Add The Sea Skimmer To The Game, Sumthing To Help The Game From Crashing So God Damn Much Or Like Ban Ne One That Even Says The Word Cheat Or Trainer, Maybe Sum Mini Games Like Golf,Drag Racing, Or Wut Ever And MAybe A Couple Boats Or Sumtin U Kno. 8)

Skimmer: They're working on adding it, but first they need to be able to add boats to the game, something they're having trouble with.

Ban on saying cheat of trainer: Can be done easily using MTAMA, but is a rather stupid suggestion, since accusing someone of cheating would result in a ban.

Mini games: Golf would be difficult in SP, and waaay too much work for MP, if it's even possible.

On another note: What is with the bumping of all the month old topics?

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