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Do engineStreamingSetProperty( "infiniteStreaming", true ), that should fix it. Also there's currently an optimization feature enabled which cannot be disabled at the moment, that might explain some of the other popping in and out of buildings in the far distance. the_GTA told me.

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Jaysds1, stop making posts containing the word "maybe". Either be sure about what you're saying or back off. I'm not the one who should be saying this, but it startles me.

Quoting EIR's latest revision, r6296:

- updated to trunk revision 6295

That is only one revision old. The trunk contains everything 1.4 would have. So, yes, this means that EIR does offer all functionality that 1.4 has.

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A status update would indeed be nice. There is a lot of activity on Assembla compared to the last 6 Months. But no one knows in a range of 0-100% how much progress has been made. I think the majority of people is interested in the improved streaming garbage collector so we can create maps with 2000 Objects on one place without getting bugs.

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