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Someone has to fix this problem (Map in .03)

Guest Magusxcrono

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Well no one has made any posts about hte map bug since .03 came out. It's pissin' me off because the MTA team should be awear of this and should of never released this. No one can find anyone because no one shows up on the map. Mayb i'm not suppose to post here but if you can give me suggestions I can try another part of the forum. In the mean time, I hope someone can help us get rid of this nasty bug! So, i've decided to add a poll.

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Thanks for the information. I won't mess around in these threads anymore and most likly not respond to anything on this thread anymore. But I will be checkin back to see whats goin on

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The team is aware of this problem, please continue this discusion in the other thread, we would like better for everything to be in one please and go to the thread that MrBump posted AND READ THE FIRST POST


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