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How much better is the Netcode gonna be in 0.3?

SM Gulag

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I've seen all these new features displayed in the 0.3 vid released on Christmas.

But, what I really wanna know is how much better the netcode is gonna be. Are we gonna be able to kill people with out having to lead our shots or shoot them for 5 minutes. I can never tell when the person is gonna die, sometimes I get their health down to 2 red bars and it still takes 20 seconds of solid shooting before they die. I hope 0.3 runs a lot better and less crashing. :):)

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  • MTA Team

Since 0.3 is build on the same core as 0.2.2 nothing has happend to the netcode. But we have been working on the shooting. We have always used an offset for it because if we let the game do it's thing you would miss everytime. It still isn't perfect, but it is improved.

The driving looks a lot smoother as well due to the fact that the backwheels aren't skidding anmore

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