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Ok, so tell me, when you say something is "gay" (For example: "Cheating is gay!", what exactly do you mean by "gay"? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? If it is a bad thing, why is it a bad thing?

(From Dictionary.com)

gay ( P ) Pronunciation Key (g)

adj. gay·er, gay·est

1. Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex.

2. Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry.

3. Bright or lively, especially in color: a gay, sunny room.

4. Given to social pleasures.

5. Dissolute; licentious.

Going by the denotations alone, saying "Cheating is gay" would make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Man, what a bunch of idiots we all are...

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its just a term used online when something isnt working right, for exmaple if you have a bat thats bent its gay because its not in the proper form....

no wi dont know how offending that might sound, (probably REALLY offending) but its just somethigns used online in simple terms so that everyone can understand it, like 1337 or h4x0r5 or "dis" or "lol" something everyone knows and gets

I'll leave this open I want to see if theres any good responses to this.. or flames :)

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This site, this game and the internet in general is beautiful. People of all races, creeds, locations and colors can come together and gay bash in a forum. hmm...

I think Bobo wants to end the perception that gay = bad. He is prolly tipping his hand about his preferences. Not that there is anything wrong with that. For me calling things gay has meant that it's not good ever since I was a boy. "Man that shirt is gay" or "MadBoy is gay"

I don't really mean that a fella that enjoys a good schlong every now an again is bad, but it is just an expression. It's not my bag but hell that's more girls for the rest of us.

Oh and here is a pic of MadBoy and his life partner on the town. Right after this pic MadBoy made the three snaps in a circle motion! His partner has the beard.


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I like the "or "MadBoy is gay"

man this place is great!

and I think peopel generaly realize that their not descriminatiog ggays, its just a way to call something messed up, I mean had cheese been popular at the time, peopoe would say "hey, thats cheese" but no, atr the moment, everyone is being public and open about their SEXUALITY (sorry, had to cpa it) therefor making "gay" the word of the time.

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and also, when someone is called an a-hole, we are not telling them we think thay are part of the human anatomy

when we call someone a jerk, we don't think that they are a short quick movement

when we call someone a spam who...re, we dont mean that they solicit canned meat for sex.

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I went into mIRC to get someone with a minigun booted. You called me a newb and a lamer for wanting him booted. I asked you if you liked people using miniguns in the game you said yes. I asked you to prove that I am a lamer in the game you said you would fight me. I asked again you said you don't fight lamers (me, in this case). I told you that you just chat and you don't play the game.

Then you added me to your ignore list

ring a bell?

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hmm i think it stemmed from my sig, from when i made the fliptop post i forgot about, which btw isn't really warez, it lets you bypass the tray memory clear on the ps2 *for iggy, don't wanna be on his bad side :) ) anyhoot b0b0 went to town in that thread too, perhaps he doesn't like my attitude ::fails to care:: anyway, yeah, guess it'd be my fault lol

And just fyi, i used the term to be as brief as possible. Questioning online grammar / usage is a bit moronic in itself lol

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