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the VC engine cant handle it... its not gonna happen, sorry guys
Isn't it that the netcode can't handle it?


That too. But the vice city engine was made to randomly put peds/traffic on the streets so ytou didn't have traffic at all times on the map. Now with multiplayer, you'd have tarffic all over the map and it'd probably be too much for gta to handle. And then that'd be bad.

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ut oh don't say that death

he will have to ship it back to bumble :o to get it fixed

see him in 3 months

lol... ok ok now enough exploting my little grammer error :P

btw, my HD did die yesterday morning and I bought a new one... heh you were right.

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no.. VC cant handle a city full of peds...

we've looked at other options (i.e. a radius method) but that brings its own problems, that we do not want to look into... we'd rather just work on making gamemodes and improving overall gameplay.


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